Russian Tourist Has Handbag Snatched in Naklua

Naklua Road in North Pattaya

Just a few days after an unwary Chinese tourist had an expensive gold necklace snatched from around his neck in North Pattaya, a female Russian tourist now had her handbag snatched from two unidentified Thai teenagers on a motorcycle.
According to Pattaya One, the latest bag snatch case took place in front of a massage parlour on Naklua Road in North Pattaya just after midnight on Friday when there was only little foot or other traffic in the area.
The middle-aged woman and a female Russian friend had reportedly been walking back to their hotel when the two young Thai men drove up on a motorcycle and one of them snatched the tourist’s handbag containing 4,000 Baht in cash, a mobile phone and important personal documents.
In spite of the woman’s attempts to protect her valuables she was eventually overpowered by the culprit, fell over and suffered a minor injury to her elbow. The two Thai teenagers then sped off on their bike.
Police are now examining CCTV footage of the area but haven’t found a clue yet to the whereabouts or identities of the culprits who, let’s face it, are likely to get away with their crime.

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