Russian Tourist Beaten to Death in South Pattaya (Updated)

Lido Grand HotelAn unnamed 39-year-old Russian tourist was reportedly “beaten to death” Friday night at Tony’s Lido Grand Hotel on Pattaya Third Road in South Pattaya.
The unconscious man, the Bangkok Post reports, was allegedly found by hotel staff in front of his second-floor room at around 9.30 p.m. He had

sustained serious injuries on his body and bruises on his knees.

The tourist was rushed to the nearby Pattaya City Hospital on Soi Buakhao, however, he died shortly after from extensive internal bleeding in his abdomen caused by a physical assault, doctors said.
The Russian had reportedly rented the hotel room for one month and was due to check out in two days.

Khaosod English quote a police officer at Pattaya Police Station as saying:

As for the reason why the deceased was beaten to the point of death, we are completely in the dark. We do not know any possible motive because no witness has come forward so far.

Police will now examine CCTV footage at the hotel in an attempt to determine what led to the tourist’s brutal death.

Update (June 28) – Pattaya One News add that the Russian died from a “ruptured spleen causing blood to enter his abdominal cavity.” Police obviously also suspect now that the tourist was not assaulted in the hotel but “involved in a fight” somewhere else and “collapsed in front of his room” after returning to his hotel.

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