Russian Tourist Assaulted by Street Vendor on Walking Street

Walking Street in South Pattaya

A 45-year-old Russian tourist was assaulted by an angry street vendor on Walking Street late Tuesday night.after he allegedly refused to buy “various pornographic items” from the man.
Police said the Farang suffered “bloody bruises” after getting punched in the face by the disgruntled hawker, but rejected medical treatment after filing a report at Pattaya Police Station. While the attacker hasn’t been identified yet, police also acknowledged that they “don’t know how to deal” yet with unruly violent street vendors.
As it appears, the violent attack was the ultimate result of some kind of communication problem caused by an unbridgeable language barrier between the Russian tourist and the porn hawker.
Khaosod English quote a police source as saying:

The tourist probably shouted at [the vendor] to stay away and tried to walk away.

Pattaya One adds that

due to only being able to communicate in Russian, the vendor misunderstood [the Russian man’s] intent and thought he was being rude which lead to a scuffle between the two men.

What obviously happened is that the Russian tourist was being talked into buying some outdated porn sh*t that he could download for free from the Internet and told the hawker – in true Russian tourist fashion, that’s at full volume and as obnoxiously as can be – to leave him alone.
Now the Thai guy (in the Internet era, he’s obviously struggling to sell his DVD stuff to tourists and make a living in Pattaya these days) probably felt offended by the shouting Russian and – in true quick-tempered Thai fashion – let himself be carried away to attack the intractable Farang.
You know, a Thai-style knee-jerk overreaction triggered by a felt loss of face and so on.
Our advice in situations where a street vendor seriously gets on your nerves would be to always remain polite but at the same time as upfront as possible with him. A smile and a joke will certainly always be helpful. As we’ve commented elsewhere, not even a tourist can buy everything, and even the most persistent street vendor should understand this to some degree.

UPDATE – It has emerged now that the hawker was actually a tout for sex shows on Walking Street (what?) and would also sell “sex drugs” to tourists. report that the 37-year-old Thai man turned himself in to police later on Wednesday and apologized for “spoiling the good name of Pattaya” (sic). He accused the Russian tourist who he said was drunk of spitting at him during an altercation triggered by a “misunderstanding”. He eventually “lost it” and attacked the tourist:

I lost it because I was so angry,

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