Russian Tourist Allegedly Attempts to Rape Pattaya Bar Girl

russian rapes bar girlA 50-year-old Russian tourist allegedly attempted to rape a bar girl in woodland behind a motorcycle shop on Pattaya Third Road late Monday night.
The “heavily intoxicated” Russian had reportedly “bar fined” the 30-year-old lady in an unnamed bar on Pattaya Second Road and “invited her to spend the night with him”.
But apparently unable to control his desire and wait until they were between the sheets, the Russian man allegedly “dragged” her into the woodland on their presumed way back to his hotel room, as she claims, in an attempt to sexually assault her.

Pattaya One reports that the Russian tourist

had sustained injuries which required hospital treatment, which were reportedly caused by the bar worker who claims to have defended herself by striking the Russian with a rock as he attempted to sexually assault her.
The bar worker (…) told police that she met the Russian in a bar she works at on Pattaya Second Road and he invited her to spend the night with him.
The pair left the bar and walked up to Pattaya Third Road. When they arrived at the area of woodland, she alleges Mr. Igvatyer pulled her into bushes and made attempts to sexually assault her.

The bar worker was also slightly injured in the struggle and decided to press charges against the Russian tourist.

Pattaya Daily News also have a video report:

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