Russian Killed by Fellow Countrymen in Pattaya (Updated)

porn houseA 34-year-old Russian tourist was stabbed and had his throat slit in a budget guesthouse on Soi Arunothai in Central Pattaya.
Police suspect that the man, who had been dead for a “few days” when police were alerted to the apparent murder by staff at the budget apartment building (the rent was like 200 Baht a day for the room), was killed by fellow Russians he was traveling with or had met during his stay in Pattaya.
The victim had also suffered heavy bruising to his face, indicating a fight prior to his killing.

Pattaya One reports that the victim, identified only as Mr. Fedro, “sustained multiple stab wounds to his chest, cuts to his neck and injuries to his face consistent with being punched.” He had reportedly

checked in with three other Russians and the group had rented two rooms on the second floor.
The other three  men had left at the start of April and claimed they had to go to Bangkok to obtain replacement passports, leaving Mr. Fedro alone in one of the rooms.

The three unidentified Russian men are now prime suspects in the murder case.

UPDATE –  Two of the victim’s Russian “friends” were arrested on Jomtien beach Monday morning and eventually confessed to the killing. Both men were aged only 20 and 21 and have been charged with murder and overstaying their visa.
According to Pattaya One,

The two suspects claimed that Mr. Fedor would constantly get drunk and would become loud and offensive which angered the pair who reportedly planned to kill him.
They were already in a stressful state due to lack of funds which forced them to move from a rented house to low budget accommodation in Central Pattaya, which they also struggled to pay for.

How much lower can it get?

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  1. More quality tourists in Patts. Is it not time that Thailand upped its game and attempted to weed out these cheap tourists and tried to get some genuine tourists who are not just here to drink and sleep with cheap bar girls.
    A good start would of course be a police force that was effective and paid well enough that they did not need to supplement their incomes in illegal and imoral ways.

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