Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

The ever increasing number of alcohol checkpoints not just around Pattaya is surely a pain in the rear for those who remember the “good old days” where you could virtually get thrashed to the point of not being able to walk straight any longer but still drive your motorbike or car around Pattaya without any fear of being stopped and breathalyzed by the police.

But the times have changed and law is law, on some occasions also in Thailand, and the maximum drink driving limit is 0.5 g of alcohol in your body, same as in many Western countries too.
In fact, since the military takeover three years ago that law is being ever more strictly enforced and there are DUI checkpoints almost every day at random locations around Pattaya, most frequently on the so-called Dark Side and at main intersections in the city centre.
Even secret LINE groups exist nowadays where members post real-time checkpoint information.

As a result, your webmaster, for example, has now reverted to using Baht buses instead of his own vehicle again whenever he goes out for a drink in town.
In spite of the inconvenience (I live on the southern outskirts of Pattaya) it’s simply still the best solution, i.e. unless you fancy paying a hefty fine or spending a night or two in an overcrowded detention cell.

A Russian expat couple that were apparently not quite sober anymore (nor were they members of any of the above mentioned LINE groups it seems) and got stopped at the regular police checkpoint near the court on Pratamnak hill late Sunday night now had a different idea how to deal with the situation.
Not only did they refuse to get breathalyzed and avoid arrest for more than half an hour claiming they knew a high-ranking police officer, they also changed seats right in front of the eyes of the officers.

According to Pattaya One, the unnamed Russian couple had been

driving their white Toyota Altis late at night before being stopped at a standard police checkpoint checking for drivers over the limit.

The driver of the vehicle, a lady, refused to talk to police, even refusing to open the door or window once the vehicle was stopped.

Amazingly, even the police couldn’t believe what they saw next.

Whilst the vehicle was stopped, the couple in the car attempted to switch seats without anyone realising. Unfortunately for them, the Pattaya police are way too sharp for that old trick.

The young couple eventually left the car but still refused to get breathalyzed. In fact, the situation got even more out of hand when the man told the officers who were simply doing their duty

that he has no respect for them at all and the job they do, and that he will only deal with Thai soldiers.

In the end, police had no choice but to arrest both the man and woman involved in the incident and take them down to Pattaya police station to deal with the matter.

The whole incident took around 30 minutes and Pattaya police were clearly unhappy with the disrespect they received from the couple.

Arriving at the police station, the man was put straight into cells and told to wait until a ranking officer was available to review the case.

Not wanting to go down without a fight, the woman actually tried to bite one of the officers who arrested her, before being led away to the cells also.

Officers working at the checkpoint did confirm 100% that it was in fact the woman driving, and not the male.

She is expected to be charged with drink driving while the man will face charges of resisting arrest.

Read the full report at Pattaya One News.

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