Thai Public Holidays 2017 (2560 B.E.)

Thai public holidaysItalicized dates are for the year 2017 (2560 B.E./Buddhist era) and vary from year to year, according to the Thai lunar calendar.
National holidays, when banks, government offices etc. are closed, have been highlighted in blue; when a public holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the following Monday is a “substitution” holiday.

Please note that an alcohol ban may be imposed and bars and other entertainment venues required to close for one day on the most important Buddhist holidays or election days. Details will also be announced in our news blog.


January 1, 2017 – New Year’s Day, national holiday
January 2 & 3 – substitution holiday for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day which fall on the weekend
January 28 – Chinese New Year


February 11 – Makha Bucha Day (one of the most important Buddhist holy days; alcohol ban)
February 13 – substitution holiday for Makha Bucha Day which falls on a Saturday

Thailand has many Buddhist holy days


April 6 – Chakri Day, commemorates the founding of the ruling Chakri dynasty in 1782
April 13-15 – Songkran festival. The traditional Thai New Year and “water festival” officially starts on April 13 and ends on April 15. In some parts of Thailand, however, Songkran is celebrated for up to a full week. In Pattaya, for example, April 19 marks the main and final day of the festival.

Songkran water festival on Pattaya Soi 7


May 1 – Labour Day
May 5 – Coronation Day, commemorates the coronation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1946
May 10 – Visakha Bucha (one of the most important Buddhist holy days; alcohol ban)

Golden Buddha


July 1 – Bank Holiday (only banks closed)
July 8 – Asarnha Bucha (Start of Buddhist Lent, one of the most important Buddhist holidays; alcohol ban)
July 10 – subsitution holiday for Asarnha Bucha which falls on a Saturday
July 11 – Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent Day, one of the most important Buddhist holidays; alcohol ban)


August 12 – Queen’s Birthday / Mother’s Day
August 14 – substitution holiday for the Queen’s birthday which falls on a Saturday

HM Queen Sirikit's birthday - August 12


October 5 – Wan Ork Phansa (End of Buddhist Lent and an important Buddhist holiday; alcohol ban)
October 23 – Chulalongkorn Day, marks the anniversary of the death of King Chulalongkorn


November 3 or 4 – Loy Krathong festival


December 5 – King Bhumibol’s Birthday / Father’s Day. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, born in 1927 and also known as Rama IX, had been on the throne for 70 years when he passed away on October 13, 2016.
December 10 – Constitution Day
December 11 – substitution holiday for Constitution Day which falls on a Sunday
December 31 – New Year’s Eve, national holiday

HM King Bhumibol's birthday - December 5

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    • Yes, there are but not many. They may not have the lights on or play music either and your beer may be served in a coffee jug.

    • No official holidays but bars may have to close or perhaps just tone down their activities for a couple of days. It’s not even sure yet whether an official alcohol ban will be imposed on the 26th which is the main day of the royal cremation.

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