Polish Tourist Assaulted by Walking Street GoGo Bar Bouncers

10608314_737710469597447_7217925771036721612_oA 55-year-old Polish tourist was assaulted by security guards at the newly-opened Skyfall A-GoGo bar at the northern end of Walking Street late Sunday night. The allegedly drunk man had previously been asked to leave the premises but refused and instead became “abusive”.
One of the two bouncers was charged with assault while the bar is now facing the risk of a temporary closure order of 30 days.

Pattaya One reports that the Polish tourist was

asked to leave the bar and refused to leave. The guards claimed he was drunk and abusive and initiated a fight with [one of them]. [The other security guard] ran inside to assist his colleague and eventually the man was taken outside where he was reportedly struck across the head with a steel hook (…)

Ironically, tourist police had raided the bar only hours earlier and drug-tested the staff. No irregularities were found and the venue’s licenses were all found to be in order.

One Response to Polish Tourist Assaulted by Walking Street GoGo Bar Bouncers

  1. Sounds from the reports that this guy was drunk, abusive and wanting to fight so my sympathy levels for him are pretty low. If you can’t handle your booze don’t drink or know your limits would appear to be the message here.
    That said the bouncers (as sadly seems too common) instead of just getting this guy outside the property decided to ‘teach him a lesson’ and hit him with a metal hook which immediately puts them firmly in the wrong as much as the drunken trouble maker himself.
    Personally I would have liked to have seen both the bouncers and the drunken lout arrested and charged.

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