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Jomtien pool barThe Pattaya 8-ball pool league, a local amateur pool “pub league” for bars all around Pattaya, originally kicked off in the year 2000 and has now entered its 35th season, making it the longest-running pool league among half a dozen others in Pattaya.

The League currently consists of two divisions with 20 teams in total. Matches take place weekly every Monday; the match start time is 8.30 p.m.
The match format is 15 straight singles games of 8-ball pool, played in three sets of five games each. Participating teams must have a minimum of five and may have a maximum of 15 players. Three players in every set should be expats or visiting foreigners. League matches will be played according to the (old) English Pool Association (EPA) rules; with minor amendments for local preferences.

The basic requirement for joining the League is an “acceptable” venue with a standard 7, 8 or 9-ft pool or snooker table with a reasonable, well-maintained surface, and an adequate playing space around the table. Venues from all around Pattaya are invited to join the league in future seasons, or to replace a team that withdraws from the league in mid-season. For further details please contact us.

Pattaya Pool League – 2016 (2) Season

Pattaya pool league match nightFollowing our usual end-of-season meeting and the trophy presentation function at Pom Bar the new 2016 (2) season will finally start on August 1.
With a number of new entries (six in total) we will again have two divisions with 10 teams each. Luckily we have no ‘bye’ either this season.
As in the previous season, trophies will be awarded to the top three teams in both divisions – with a normal promotion and relegation system to apply at the end of the season.
In addition to the regular league matches, all 20 teams from both divisions will also compete in a knockout and vase cup.
There are six new venues playing in the League this season: Boss bar (Soi Buakhao), Double Kiss (Third Road), Nelson Hotel (Soi 6), Mod Tanoi (Soi 13/2), Unique Blue Bar (Soi Buakhao), Queen Vic (Soi Honey).
Seven-time league champions Phimai Geordie, Retox and Boxing Roo will again have two teams each. The Retox teams are known as Retox Casuals and Retox Hotshots. The second Boxing Roo team are the Boxing Roosters.
The remaining member teams are I-Rovers (replaced Crazy Eddie’s after Week 18), Pom Bar, Connections, Red Poppy, Easy R-Con, Crazy Girls (formerly ‘All American’), Delight Bar, and Valentines.
Former five-time league champions San Snack Bar – a member team for more than 10 years – have unfortunately withdrawn their team this season and will continue their chase for trophies in the local pool leagues in Jomtien.
For obvious reasons, Andy of San Snack Bar has also resigned from his position as secretary/administrator of the League, which will be run by Simon (Phimai Geordie) in the future.

Here’s the most current league table and new fixture lists for both divisions:

Pattaya Pool League 2016 (2) - Week 21

Pattaya Pool League 2016 (2) - Division One Fixtures (1)

Pattaya Pool League 2016 (2) - Division One Fixtures (2)

Pattaya Pool League 2016 (2) - Division Two Fixtures (1)

Pattaya Pool League 2016 (2) - Division Two Fixtures (2)

Here’s the draw for the next round of both knockout cups to be played on November 14:

Knockout Cup

Retox Hotshots  vs  Red Poppy
Double Kiss  vs  Phimai Geordie A


Easy R-Con  vs  All American
Unique Blue Bar  vs  Boss Bar
Mod Tanoi Bar  vs  Phimai Geordie B
Queen Victoria  vs  Crazy Eddie’s

Here you can get an overview of what’s happening in the pool leagues over at Jomtien:

And if you’re looking for a groovy pool lounge with more than just a few high-quality tables (this venue actually has 14 pro 9ft tables) and pool competitions held three times a week, you may want to take your cue to Soi Diana off Pattaya Second Road and check out

6 Responses to Pattaya 8-Ball Pool League

  1. hi just trying to find out some factual information i currently have 1 8ball pool table at my restaurant in kalasin and would like to put 4 more 8×4 pool tables in and start a local pool league and run competitions and stuff and build a great league so we can travel to compete with other clubs i have looked on the net but cannot seem to find the thailand pool association as i would like to know about licenses and things i would require to do this properly any information you could help me with would be appreciated

    • Hi Steven, the pool leagues in Pattaya and Jomtien are basically just amateur pub leagues where mostly expats and long-stay tourists compete with each other, so there are no licences or anything involved and I don’t think you’d need the help of the Thai pool association or so to set up something similar in Kalasin (I’m quite sure a national pool association exists but I wouldn’t know either where to find it and would have to ask friends. Also, we’re mostly expats players here.) I know Kalasin a little bit myself as part of my wife’s family hails from there and we’ve got a little house in Kalasin city. I haven’t been there for ages now but next time would like to come and visit your place. I wouldn’t have thought there are actually enough expat pool players in Kalasin who might be interested in setting up a local league, so I’m very pleased to hear that. I’m running two pool leagues myself at the moment, one in Pattaya and one in Jomtien, with some teams actually playing at a relatively high level, so if you’re interested you’re welcome to pay us a visit one day and I’m sure we could organize a competition or something. On the other hand, I’m not too sure how many Pattaya-based players would be interested in a trip to Kalasin? As I noted, these are just amateur leagues and not involved with a national pool association or so. Anyway let’s see if we can organize something together in the future, ok?

  2. There’s only one score missing, that’s from week 4. Looks like Crazy Eddie’s beat Naughty Kangaroo but they can’t agree on who should text me the score?

      • Sorry Willy, but thanks to some changes Google has made to its viewer the old plugin I used to publish the standings (and with which it would have been easy to retrieve older sheets) doesn’t seem to work properly anymore. In fact, I noticed that problem only today. The new plugin doesn’t only make work harder for me but, it seems, you also need a Google account and have to be logged in to download a file. Not the best solution but I can’t find any better alternative at the moment. Which older sheets do you need? I might still have a copy on my computer. On a side note, I don’t really mind much, but it might help both of us SEO-wise if you modified the wording on your page a bit …

  3. hi I live in pattaya and Im looking for some people to play pool with. however Im a complete beginner so Im not sure if the league would be right for me.

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