Stricter Penalties for Drunk Driving in Pattaya

No drunk driving!The website of local German-language newspaper Der Farang reports today that Pattaya police on Monday have announced a new crackdown on drunk driving.
Not only would there be more “sobriety checkpoints” around the tourist city, but also significantly stricter penalties.
According to the new alleged rules, which appear to be in force since Monday, if a driver is caught with a blood alcohol content of 0.5 or more he/she will be fined 10,000 Baht (which is the same as previously) and will automatically receive a jail sentence of one month.
Bail will no longer be given either, the report claims, so if you happen to be in Pattaya just on a brief holiday of a week or two and get caught driving “under the influence” one night, you might not only lose your return ticket (and possibly end up overstaying your visa) but perhaps also your job?
Rumour also has it that foreigners who have served a second jail term for drunk driving will be deported.

Note: Der Farang adds that details of the new rules have so far been published only in the Thai-language media. In fact, the article seems to be based on a post on the page of a Pattaya-based Facebook group, so while the story appears to be credible, at this point we cannot independently confirm its veracity.

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  1. I really hope that this story is true as drunk driving is something which should not be tollerated anywhere in the world. Invariably it is innocent people that get killed and maimed by these irresponsible louts. A month in a jail will hopefully be enough to deter anyone from re offending.

    • 1) I know a couple of guys who ran into checkpoints over the last few weeks, most of them on the “dark side”. All the police wanted of them was money. So while the story might be true, it looks as though they’re still rather keen on the money than enforcing whatever the new rules may be. 2) They all got away with either paying considerably less than the official fines or nothing at all (the latter usually when police figured out there was no money to make).

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