Pattaya Nightlife in International Music Videos

Finnish music video shot in PattayaPattaya isn’t just one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations and world-renowned for its 24/7 party atmosphere. Funtown has also featured prominently in a number of international movies and TV series as well as a couple of music videos.

Back in 2010, Pattaya and its legendary nightlife were featured in the clip to Finnish hip hop artist Petri Nygård‘s hit single “Selvä päivä” (well, it was a massive hit just south of the North Pole).
Walking Street, a “happy end” massage, karaoke bars and Soi 6 – it’s all there. Plus, of course, loads of sexy Thai bar girls, Chang and Leo beer en masse, and drunk mates left behind on a Baht bus.
Granted, we don’t understand much of the lyrics; that’s except for some parts some Finnish friends who introduced us to the song a few years ago have translated for us. But we can tell you, this tune and the video haven’t just garnered nearly 10 million views on YouTube but they’re absolute favourites with Finnish tourists in Pattaya:

Don’t like it? Never mind. Most recently, the English “garage rock” band The Libertines have paid Pattaya and its world-famous Walking Street a visit – probably not just to shoot a clip to their latest hit single “Gunga Din” (that’s originally the title of a poem by Rudyard Kipling and that of a 1939 movie loosely based on Kipling’s poem).
The lyrics of the song, like those Sunday blues straight from Sunday booze (we assume it doesn’t really matter what day of the week) pretty much sum up what a holiday in Pattaya reduced to the absolute nitty-gritty of booze, bars and bronze-skinned babes can boil down to for many visitors.
In fact, Inspire Pattaya report that the four band members’ excursion to, well, the raunchy side of Pattaya did not actually stop after the video shoot but was extended to include also some GoGo bars on Soi LK Metro – “well now you know what they were up too.”
The clip was shot last month mainly on Walking Street and, as of writing this, has already had nearly 800,000 views since it was published last week. “Gunga Din” is sing-along garage rock at its very best – and WE do definitely like the tune! Here’s the clip:

So you wonder whether music videos like these (that portray Pattaya almost exclusively as the party town that it essentially is and deliberately turn a blind eye to the city’s old and new family-oriented attractions) help Pattaya attract more tourists – be they from Finland, the UK, or other parts of the world? Not sure, we must admit. But they surely won’t put foreign party animals off from visiting Pattaya and its legendary nightspots – and that’s another aspect that we definitely like!

By the way, do you guys know of any other music videos shot in Pattaya, or TV series and movies, where Pattaya features prominently? If so, please drop us a line and we’ll publish some more of that stuff here. Cheers.

h/t Inspire Pattaya

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