Pattaya Ladyboy Meets Another Indian Necklace Snatch Victim

Indian tourists on the beach

Just for the record (these stories aren’t quite “breaking news” anymore): Yet another Indian tourist had a gold necklace snatched from around his neck by a ladyboy presumably riding a motorcycle last night.
According to Pattaya One, the incident occurred at around 1 a.m. Sunday morning outside Mona’s Bar on Soi 14 in Central Pattaya. The 34-year-old victim told the police that as he was passing by the bar a ladyboy suddenly “grabbed him” and snatched his gold necklace valued at around 12,000 Baht from around his neck before fleeing in the direction of Pattaya Third Road – on a motorcycle we suppose.
As usual, police will examine CCTV footage in an attempt to identify and catch the culprit.

What can we say? Some folks are really slow learners. This is obviously not the first time that an Indian tourist had his gold necklace snatched while walking about town in the night. In fact, grab-and-snatch thefts happen on an almost daily basis in Pattaya and more often than not, Indian and Chinese tourists are the preferred target groups.
It’s fairly easy: Don’t wear a gold necklace in Pattaya, especially not after dark and when walking about on your own or in dodgy locations, and carry as little cash on you as possible. Then again, we’ve already said that dozens of times and some people it seems have to learn the hard way.

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