Pattaya Flooded After First Heavy Rains of 2015

rain pty 09Is Pattaya city and its drainage system sufficiently prepared for the upcoming rainy season that hasn’t even started yet on paper? To judge from the severe flooding Pattaya experienced Tuesday afternoon, the answer is – obviously not.
For the first time this year, heavy rains battered not only Pattaya yesterday, but also Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, and turned most of the streets of Funtown into Venice-style canals for a couple of hours. Traffic chaos was worst in the usual hotspots like Sukhumvit Road, Soi Buakhao, Pattaya Beach Road and its side-streets, and areas on the “dark side” in East Pattaya. Pattaya One reports that the floodwaters were as deep as “nearly 1.5 meters” in some low-lying areas.
Embedded below is a selection of photos of the flooded streets of Pattaya that we’ve come across on Facebook. Three pictures show the usual devastation the flooding caused on Pattaya beach and was still visible Wednesday morning. The last eight photos were taken in Bangkok which was equally submerged for most of the day.
While the worst flooding had subsided by late Tuesday afternoon, the first heavy rains of 2015 obviously proved that Pattaya city and its notoriously substandard drainage system, despite getting somewhat upgraded each year (?), still aren’t even halfway prepared for the monsoon rains of the months to come.

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