Pattaya Bars Warned to Observe Law or Face Five-Year Closure

Open-air bar complex on Walking Street

Bar owners and managers in Pattaya have been warned to strictly observe the law on their premises or face a five-year closure of their venues.
The warning was issued by the provincial police commander during a meeting held at Pattaya Police Station Wednesday afternoon. It followed the recent assault on a French tourist on Walking Street. The drunk foreigner was reportedly attacked by a group of security guards at an unnamed entertainment venue last week after he had headbutted a staff member and the incident was filmed and the clip posted on Facebook.
According to Pattaya One, bar owners and managers attending the meeting were reminded to strictly observe the law in their venues, i.e. not to “admit customers under the age of 20 or employ staff under the age of 20.” In addition, “if any illegal drugs are found inside their respective venue,” they may have their business licenses revoked and their venues shut down for five years.
With regards to (foreign) troublemakers, entertainment venue owners were told that

under no circumstances will violence towards patrons be tolerated, despite the level of aggression they show towards the bar and their staff.

Police also suggested an innovative instrument for bar owners and staff to deal with “aggressive customers” and troublemakers in their venues.
According to Pattaya One, the provincial police chief proposed that individual police officers would be “assigned to each bar” (that’s obviously a group of bars) and “a direct [phone?] line to that officer will lead to a quick response from police who will deal with any customer problems from now on.”
While the idea itself is commendable it should be interesting to see how this will be put into practice.

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