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Pattaya bar girls on Walking StreetSad but true, bar girls in Pattaya often speak better English than university students in Bangkok. But while that certainly says a lot about the language skills of the “educated” class it doesn’t really say much about the conversational skills of bar girls.
In fact, the command of English most Pattaya bar girls have isn’t just nowhere near perfect and full of wrong grammar and mispronunciations – bar girl “Thinglish” (that’s the Thai slang mix of English and Thai that not only most Pattaya bar girls use) also has some special vocabulary.
Here’s a list of (Thai/Thinglish) slang words and common Thai/English phrases that may help you navigate the linguistic jungle of Pattaya’s bar girl industry.

h/t Bar Girl Abbreviations and Terminology by a fellow blogger in Pattaya

Thai Bar Girl Slang & Terminology A-Z

ao dood = to enter through the backdoor, anal

baa = crazy (really crazy, not just → ting tong)

bar fine = fee paid directly to the bar so that the bar girl can leave with her customer

boom boom = just what you guess it means

bumsing = boom boom (guess that derives from the German slang word “bumsen” with the same meaning?)

butterfly = a gentleman who likes to change his girls frequently

cheap Charlie = cheap person who spends as little money as possible

chuck-wow = Thai slang for hand job

dor lae = bullshit, to speak bullshit

faen = boyfriend/girlfriend

farang = Thai word for Westerner, non-Asian foreigner; not necessarily pejorative, usually pronounced “farang”

farang kee nok = low-class, stingy farang who knows his way around

farang loo maak = pejorative term for a Westerner who knows “too much” and can’t be fooled easily

gik = Thai slang for a f**k friend, a special someone for occasional encounters without paying and commitment

ham = penis (slang), testicles

ham noi = small penis

ham yai = big penis

happy ending = when a “dirty” massage culminates in the customer’s climax

helicopter = advanced → butterfly

hoy = vagina (slang), literally means “shell fish”

Isaan = northeast Thailand, region where most bar girls in Pattaya hail from

jao choo = Thai word for → butterfly

jing jing = really, true, no bullshit

katoey = Thai word for ladyboy

kee niao = cheap Charlie, stiny

kin ham = perform oral sex on a male, fellatio

kin hoy = to eat shell fish, i.e. perform oral sex on a lady, cunnilingus

kuay = vulgar Thai word for penis

kwai = idiot, literally means “buffalo”

ladyboy = shemale, transsexual

lady drink = drink a customer buys for a bar girl (a lady drink is usually a bit more expensive as the girls earn a commission from the number of lady drinks they get)

Lao = northeast Thailand (many Pattaya bar girls will say they are Lao or speak Lao, but they only mean the Northeastern region of the country where most of them were born. They are still Thai nationals.)

long time (LT) = hire a bar girl for the whole night

mamasan = female manager of a bar that helps organize the various activities of the girls

mao mao = Thai word for drunk

no money no honey = typical bar girl phrase simply indicating that bar girls want money for their services

nom = boobs

nom lek = small boobs

nom yai = big boobs

papa mama = parents

same same but different = typical bar girl phrase meaning quite literally what it says

short time (ST) = hire a bar girl for an hour or two

smoke = bar girl slang for fellatio

ta-lueng = Thai word for naughty

tee-rak = Thai word for darling/sweetheart, usually pronounced tee-lak (tee-luck)

ting tong = crazy in a funny way, not necessarily → baa

If there’s anything you think is worth adding to this list please feel free to leave a comment below. Cheers.

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  1. If a bar girl says she will strike the bar…. What does that mean? I have gotten to know a thai lady really well and on my next visit she told me I don’t have to pay her…. And that she will strike…. But I don’t get what that means as I know they quotas and if they dont meet them they can have salary cuts or be fired… Any ideas???

    • Never heard that expression from a bar girl I must say. I guess she simply means that she will quit her job while you are here so you don’t have to pay the bar fine (= you can spend that money directly on her.) Their wages usually aren’t that great anyway and I guess you pay her enough yourself so she can do without her regular salary for a while. No, the bar owner will apparently not be happy about this as he loses revenue. Then again, she might not plan on going back to work in the same bar anyway after you’ve left?

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