Pattaya Baht Bus Driver Beaten Up by Indian Tourists

Baht bus driver beaten up by Indian tourists

A Baht bus driver in Pattaya going by the name of Somchai was assaulted by a bunch of Indian tourists and suffered a broken leg early on Friday following a heated argument brought about by “miscommunication.”
According to a report by Khaosod English, the seven Indian tourists had hired the Baht-bus taxi at around 3 a.m. to take them to their unnamed hotel on Pattaya Second Road. For some reason, however, Somchai missed the stop on the one-way road so
the Indians asked him to drive around the block one more time and drop them off at their hotel – a request the driver declined.
Now the tourists got off the Baht bus near the Dolphin roundabout and for their part refused to pay for the trip. This in turned angered Somchai who ran after the group and demanded they pay the full fare. It’s apparently at this point where things went utterly wrong.

Thanks obviously to a language barrier between Somchai and the Indians, a heated argument broke out between the men and the Indians soon began to assault the driver. One of the tourists reportedly even “grabbed a wooden stick and beat the victim with it,” resulting in Somchai suffering a broken leg and requiring hospital treatment.
But here’s the really weird part: There’s seven foreign tourists (we repeat: foreign) who viciously beat up a single Thai man. Now you would think the Indians get thrown in a stinky jail cell, get the sh*t kicked out of them and eventually deported.
But nope, none of that, the Indians have in fact not been charged with any crime yet. Instead, the Boys in Brown (in Thailand, they’ve got this power) are “waiting for the two parties to negotiate first.” Why that, you wonder? The police chief has actually been quoted as saying:

They are tourists. We don’t want to [press charges] at this moment because we fear it may damage the image of Pattaya.

Now what do you think of that? We’re actually left speechless.

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  1. Really? speechless? An unfathomable sense of reason and logic and a mutable capricious
    approach to common sense is the norm surely?

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