Norwegian Groper Beaten Unconscious by Bar Staff on Walking Street

Norwegian Groper Beaten Unconscious by Bar Staff on Walking Street

A young Norwegian tourist was beaten unconscious by a group of Thai men in front of the Reggae & Soul Bar on Walking Street early on Thursday after he had allegedly groped one of the men’s girlfriend’s breasts.
The incident happened at 3 a.m. in the early hours of Thursday and left the 22-year-old Norwegian with multiple wounds and bruises to his face and body. A day later he still remains hospitalized and is receiving treatment for his injuries.

According to Pattaya One, witnesses at the bar initially told police that

a group of Thai men working there had attacked the man but did not know why.
They reported frightening scenes and tourists scattered and ran in all directions.

It didn’t take police long to identify and arrest the main attacker – a 20-year-old Thai man going by the nickname of “Boy” who works as a waiter at the Reggae & Soul Bar.
Boy told police he had been playing some kind of “punching game” with another foreign customer “but things got a little bit out of hand and so his [19-year-old] girlfriend […] stepped in to try and calm things down.”
Pattaya One reports in an update:

At that point, he claims, a drunk Norwegian customer, who had not been involved, walked past and touched his girlfriend’s breasts.
He said he was so angry that he attacked the customer …

Two of Boy’s Filipino mates who also work at the bar eventually “jumped in to help him but he doesn’t know if they too attacked the customer.” Police are now seeking to interview Boy’s girlfriend in order to establish what really happened prior to the brutal attack.

What can we say? Unprovoked attacks on foreigners are virtually unheard of in Pattaya. So we guess that Boy’s version of the story comes pretty close to the truth.
In most cases where bar workers have attacked customers in Pattaya it’s usually because the foreigner is drunk, forgets to or doesn’t want to pay his bill, is some kind of troublemaker or stuff like that.
And well, if you’re drunk and grope someone else’s girlfriend’s boobs you shouldn’t really be surprised if the guy punches your lights out – not just in Pattaya. That is not to excuse Boy and his mates. But even in a place like Pattaya it should be obvious that not all girls are hookers and just waiting for you to touch their titties.

Over and above, tourists are well advised anyway to avoid any violent confrontation with Thai males. Thai men usually do not fight one-on-one and even if you beat them they might pull a knife or a gun. Even if you’re right and you’re bigger than them, it’s always safer to turn a blind eye and walk away from trouble if you can. In the end it’s really not worth it.

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  1. Good advice, thai men who work in clubs are assh*les who think they are special. Just cowards who gang up on drunk farangs; best go to Cambodia where you can have a good time without these t*ssers.

  2. Good advice is to walk away and distant yourself from trouble if possible. I had a group of young Thai’s square up to me back in 2000, as much as it was dificult to do, I walked away and lived to tell the tale. Keep out of trouble full stop, especially in Pattaya.

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