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Thailand News Resources, Newspapers & Links

Thailand News Resources   Pattaya Newspapers, Media & Online News
Bangkok Post
The Nation
Thai PBS
Thai News Agency
National News Bureau

Chiang Mai Mail
Phuket Gazette

Phuket Wan
Pattaya Daily News
Pattaya Mail
Pattaya One News
Pattaya People
Pattaya Times
Pattaya Today

Der Farang (German)
Pattaya Blatt (German)
TIP Zeitung (German)
Thai Newspapers & Online News Resources

By Southeast Asian standards, Thailand's media are considered "relatively" independent. Except for times of political crises, Thailand's English-language newspapers - other than broadcast media and the heavily censored Internet - are relatively free of official political censorship (not self-censorship necessarily) and always worth having a look at if you want to keep up-to-date with what's happening in Thailand.

Thailand's two main foreign-language daily publications, the Bangkok Post and The Nation, cover national, political, business, cultural and sports news, plus regional and international news. Both their online editions provide English readers with frequently updated "Breaking News".
The Bangkok Post - established in 1946 as an "independent but pro-American paper" - is the kingdom's longest-running English-language daily newspaper. The Nation was founded in 1971. Both papers are similar in their news coverage and address mainly foreigners residing in Thailand and the Thai elite. While The Nation tends to be closer to the political camp of the royalist Yellow Shirts and the Democrat Party, and its online edition increasingly lacks in professional journalism, the usually "more balanced" Bangkok Post also has often been accused of self-censorship and biased political news coverage. Nonetheless, i.e. due to a lack of alternative English-language news resources, both daily papers are probably still the most comprehensive resources for foreign readers with a more profound interest in what's going on in Thailand. Printed editions are for sale at 25 Baht each.
Other useful online news resources include Thai PBS, MCOT English News (by Thai News Agency) and the website of the National News Bureau, Thailand's "official information centre" from the Government Public Relations Department. 2Bangkok.com offers daily Thai news you can't find anywhere else, including summaries of the Thai-language press in English translations.

Prachatai is an independent, non-profit daily web newspaper, which was established in 2004 to provide relevant news and information "during an era of serious curbs on the freedom and independence" of Thai news media. This alternative bilingual online newspaper is certainly always worth a read. Over the years, and exceedingly in times of political unrest, the Prachatai website has often faced heavy web censorship and frequently had to change its URL.
Bangkok Pundit is arguably Thailand's most prolific English-language political blog, which started in 2005. Describing him/herself as a "political news junkie," BP mainly posts on issues related to Thai politics. Other, mainly political blogs worth reading include Political Prisoners Thailand (also blocked by many Thai ISPs), New Mandala, Siam Voices (a collaborative blog, which started only in September 2010) and half a dozen others, links to which you can find in the "blogrolls."
If you're already familiar with what's going on in the self-proclaimed "Land of Smiles" and have a biting sense of humour, do also have a look at NotTheNation from time to time!
The Phuket-based German-language newspaper TIP Zeitung - published twice a month - is probably the best online news resource for German speakers and has an informative website including daily updated news from Thailand on its homepage. Google News Thailand offers a comprehensive summary of all Thailand-related press releases.

English-language publications, which focus mainly on local news and such of interest for tourists and expats, include the Phuket Gazette (including a popular online edition), the Phuket Wan news website with mostly tourism-related news, the weekly published Chiang Mai Mail in the North, and half a dozen foreign-language newspapers in Pattaya.
Last but not least, on our own Pattaya & Thailand News page here at Pattaya-Funtown.com, we also aim to provide visitors with a comprehensive summary of what's going on in Thailand, particularly in Pattaya; with commented samples from news stories we've come across on the Internet.
Pattaya Newspapers, Online News Links & Media

Pattaya has almost a dozen foreign-language news publications. Some are sponsored by advertisers and are available for free; they can be picked in many restaurants, tour agencies, hotel lobbies etc. Others can be purchased at around 30 Baht in supermarkets and book shops.
Pattaya's two main weekly English-language newspapers, Pattaya Mail (published every Friday, 30 Baht) and Pattaya People (published every Saturday, 30 Baht) cover local political, crime and community news, and also feature useful information for tourists and expats (travel features, visa information, reader's letters, local events and sports, extensive classified sections etc.) You can also read the current issue of the Pattaya People newspaper online in a PDF format, complete with photos, ads etc., just like the printed newspaper.
Other than the all-English Pattaya Mail (established in 1993), Pattaya People features a few Thai pages and a Scandinavian section, too, and has rather the "feel" of a tabloid than its counterpart. While the online edition of the Pattaya Mail is updated daily now, the Pattaya People's website, while also being updated every day, only features shortened versions of articles.
Pattaya Today - published bi-weekly and for sale at 20 Baht around Pattaya - also features news updates on crime, local politics and "expat life", and is also available online.
Pattaya Times, launched in 2008, has already become Thailand's "third largest English-language newspaper and is the largest outside of Bangkok." Pattaya Times is in full-color and covers local, national/international news, sports and entertainment, business, real estate and classifieds. The Pattaya Times claims not to be a "tabloid full of dead bodies" but genuine journalism focusing on the "positive aspects" of life in Pattaya and "news you can use."
The Pattaya Times is being published twice a month, on the first and on the 16th of each month, and costs only 20 Baht. Pattaya Times website
Pattaya's most valuable online news resources are Pattaya One and Pattaya Daily News. Both websites are updated daily, and feature interesting articles and news reports about what is going on in Pattaya - crime, society, politics, local events etc. While the stories at Pattaya Daily News are rather extensive (though often in broken English) Pattaya One News keep their articles short and "to the point." The quality of journalism at both sites is unfortunately rather disputable, however.
A comprehensive coverage of Pattaya nightlife news, including events, promotions, bar openings etc. can be found at Thai-Anxiety (aka PattayaGogos.com). Pattaya-At-Night.com also has an interesting News Flash which focuses mainly on nightlife-related news. InPattayaNow, an online-only publication, also has an interesting nightlife section, including the popular Nightmarch and A Fool in Paradise sections.
Pattaya One News, Pattaya People and Pattaya Mail (PMTV) all have their own news programs on local cable television. Pattaya People (Yes2Day) and Pattaya One News (Pattaya FM 105) also operate own radio stations.
For broadcasting schedules and programs, please visit their websites - Pattaya Mail TV (PMTV), Pattaya People, Pattaya People Radio Yes2Day, Pattaya One News.

Pattaya Blatt is the German-language edition of the Pattaya Mail and is available both online and in a printed version, published every Friday.
The Phuket-based German-language TIP Zeitung (published twice a month and also available in Pattaya) also has an informative website with daily updated news from Thailand.
Other German-language news publications, e.g. Der Farang, which covers Pattaya and Thailand-related news, are available for free in dozens of German restaurants in Pattaya, many Farang-oriented supermarkets and other venues and businesses catering predominantly to German-language visitors.

Pattaya & Thailand News Update