News Postings On Semi-Hiatus

We wish to inform you that for the time being news updates will be much less frequent than over the last 9+ years that we’ve been running and supplying you with almost daily news. The reason is regrettable yet simple – your webmaster has currently less time on his hands and simply has to set priorities.

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Tourist Visa Holders Without 20k Baht in Cash May Be Refused Entry

thai-cambodian border

According to a number of reports that have surfaced on social media recently, tourist visa holders may now be required to show at least 20,000 Baht in cash to immigration officials at the border when entering Thailand. This is apparently to kind of prove that you can financially support your stay in the kingdom.
While this obviously sounds somewhat antiquated in the agre of credit cards and online banking there is a more unsettling catch in it: If you don’t carry enough cash on you may be thoroughly questioned and/or entry may be denied – ironically despite the fact that there’s a freshly issued tourist visa sticker in your passport.
Increased scrutiny is obviously being placed on tourist visa holders under 50 that immigration may suspect of working illegally in Thailand and with “too many” visa stickers in their passport.

While some may argue that a “genuine tourist” should easily be able to produce such an amount (otherwise how would he or she be able to cover their holiday expenses in Thailand?) it’s obviously also an unwelcome sign that the ongoing clampdown on tourist visa holders has recently only been intensifying.

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Foreign Tourists May Soon Need Travel Insurance to Enter Thailand

Foreign tourists wishing to visit Thailand may soon be required to purchase compulsory travel insurance prior to their arrival in the kingdom. Under a proposal put forward by the Tourism and Sports Ministry, even automatic insurance vending machines may be installed at international airports and border checkpoints throughout Thailand so that tourists who travel without… Continue Reading

Chinese National Arrested for Raping, Blackmailing Compatriot

A 26-year-old Chinese national has been arrested in Pattaya on Tuesday for allegedly raping and blackmailing a Chinese businesswoman with a clip he had taken of the crime. The unnamed victim, also 26 years old, accuses the suspect not only of having sexual intercourse with her against her will but repeatedly blackmailing her with the video… Continue Reading

Unidentified Foreigner Jumps to Death From Jomtien Beach Condo

An unidentified foreigner jumped to his death early Saturday night from the Rimhat Condo a.k.a. Jomtien Beach Condominium. The elderly man who appears not to have been living at the condominium is estimated to be around 65-70 years old and did not carry a passport or any other form of identification. According to one unconfirmed… Continue Reading

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