Prostitution and Sexual Hypocrisy in Thailand

Thailand – A Country of Sexual Hypocrites?

Public blowjob in a Walking Street clubLess than a week ago, the “shocking” (sic) incident of a public blowjob where an alleged Pattaya bar girl was caught on camera fellating a Korean tourist at a disco on Walking Street caused an “uproar” not only among Thai commenters on social media like Facebook but also the police and tourism officials who went like: “Oh my gosh! A blowjob in Pattaya? No way!”
An indecent act like oral sex in a public place – the upholders of moral standards argued – wasn’t just “damaging” to Thailand’s image but also offended the country’s Buddhism-inspired “good culture and tradition”.
What can we say? While we agree that a blowjob should preferably be carried out in the privacy of one’s hotel room this surely wasn’t the first time that a sex worker was seen giving head in Pattaya. In fact, we’ve witnessed more “shocking” stuff (not just) on Soi 6 over the decades. We would also assume that the police are well aware of what’s going on in many massage shops and short-time bars in Pattaya – so what’s really the big deal?

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Iranian Tourists Caught Shoplifting in Pattaya

Iranian shopliftersTwo young “quality tourists” (sic) from Iran, both in their early Twenties, were reportedly arrested Friday morning for stealing a couple of shirts, pants and other clothes at the Big C department store on Pattaya Second Road in North Pattaya.
Khaosod English reports that a security guard at the mall

saw the men walking around the clothes department and stuffing items into plastic bags. [He] confronted the two men as they were about to leave the department store and called the police.

Pattaya One identifies the two young Iranians as Mr. Mohamed Nejead, 22, and Mr. Omid Solmahle, 20. According to a security guard at Big C, the tourists

[entered] the store with a large white empty bag. He decided to follow them and saw the pair take items of clothing and remove the price tags before placing them inside the bag.
He continued to follow the pair who made their way out of the store with the white bag which was now full of clothes. At this point he approached the pair and challenged them for a receipt which they were unable to produce.

Police said that “shirts, pants, underpants, and socks” worth an estimated 4,000 Baht were found in the plastic bag. According to police, the suspects immediately confessed and have now been charged with theft.

Thai Pop Charts Top 20 – July 2, 2015

Thai music chartsIf you like Thai pop/rock music, miss the Land of Smiles and its schmaltzy love songs, or simply want to know what your Thai GF might be listening to right now, here’s a new regular feature that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do – Thailand’s top 20 chart hits as compiled by

Now and then we’ll also post some good old Thai pop classics – you know, those catchy melodies that everyone knows and make even Farangs sing along – and some other musical goodies from Thailand that have been major hits in the past or are simply more “traditional style”.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Thai Pop Charts Playlist – The Current Top 20 Hits from Thailand

Public Blowjob in Walking Street Club Sparks Facebook Outrage

Impossible, we naturally thought when we read about these naughty news the first time in The Nation‘s “breaking news” section Monday afternoon. A public blowjob in Pattaya? No way! If we believe all available sources it must have caused an outright “uproar” on Thai Facebook pages Monday when pictures of an alleged Pattaya bar girl…Continue Reading

Jomtien Beach Gets Facelift

In an attempt to make Jomtien Beach more attractive, the beach promenade area will receive a major facelift estimated at 273 million Baht over the next two years. Here are some renderings of what Jomtien may look like in 2017. Construction work is already underway at the northern end of Jomtien beach since earlier this…Continue Reading

Russian Tourist Beaten to Death in South Pattaya (Updated)

An unnamed 39-year-old Russian tourist was reportedly “beaten to death” Friday night at Tony’s Lido Grand Hotel on Pattaya Third Road in South Pattaya. The unconscious man, the Bangkok Post reports, was allegedly found by hotel staff in front of his second-floor room at around 9.30 p.m. He had sustained serious injuries on his body…Continue Reading

Stricter Penalties for Drunk Driving in Pattaya

The website of local German-language newspaper Der Farang reports today that Pattaya police on Monday have announced a new crackdown on drunk driving. Not only would there be more “sobriety checkpoints” around the tourist city, but also significantly stricter penalties. According to the new alleged rules, which appear to be in force since Monday, if…Continue Reading

More Than 12 Million Tourists Visit Thailand January – May

Believe it or not: According to the Thai tourism ministry, more than 12 million foreign tourists, including 3.3 million Chinese, have visited Thailand from January to May this year – an alleged 24.7% increase from the same period last year. NNT reports: Over 12 million international travellers came to Thailand from January through May this…Continue Reading

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