Alcohol Ban “Near Schools” to be Arbitrarily Enforced

Alcohol sales banned "near" schoolsThe Alcohol Control Committee Tuesday surprisingly withdrew the proposed ban on alcohol sales within a 300-metre radius of universities and colleges.
While these are good news on the face of it, there’s a catch. The 300-metre rule has been dropped only in favour of an equally controversial junta-issued order to vaguely ban alcohol sales “in the vicinity” of schools and “educational institutions”.
A concrete radius for the dry zones, however, has been as little specified as which “educational institutes” will be affected by the ban, leaving it up to the arbitrary “judgement” of law enforcement officers how strictly or laxly to enforce the new rules. The Bangkok Post reports that “relevant agencies” have now been

ordered to determine exact distances between alcohol vendors and educational institutes within 180 days.

Khaosod English notes that

a committee will spend six months deliberating what “vicinity” means.

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SIM Card Registration Deadline Extended Until August 31

Deadline for SIM card registration extended until August 30The deadline for users of prepaid Thai SIM cards to register their personal details has been extended for another month, according to Thai PBS. So if you haven’t registered your SIM card yet you can still do so until the end of August.
That’s obviously no surprise. The expected panic among millions of Thais who suddenly find themselves being blocked from using their beloved mobile phones may have caused greater chaos and grief and despair than all street protests of the past. “Happiness” as demanded by the political powers-that-be might have gone down the drain from one day to the other.

But there’s a catch. Those who have failed to register their SIM cards by July 31 (that was the original deadline) can now only answer calls, receive messages and call emergency numbers, however not make phone calls or use data.
So if you feel like your life has become useless if you can’t regularly post selfies or photos of your food on Facebook, you better spring into action a.s.a.p. The extension won’t help you much – and doesn’t last long.
After the end of the extension period on August 31, users who haven’t registered their SIM cards will neither be able to receive calls nor call any emergency numbers.

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Thai Lottery Results – August 1, 2015

thai-lottery-ticketThe Thai government lottery is the only kind of “gambling” legally allowed in Thailand and taken very seriously by the Thai people.
Lottery tickets are pre-printed in Thailand, so you don’t really get to pick your own numbers as in other lottery systems in the West.
Instead, you select your preferred six-digit lucky number from a hawker’s tray of pre-printed tickets which are sold by legions of street vendors in the days before the next lottery draw.
The official ticket price is 80 Baht but agents usually sell them at above 100 Baht.
The winning numbers (and there are many) are drawn live on national television twice a month, usually on the 1st and on the 16th. Only when a national holiday falls on these dates the lottery draw is carried out a day later.

For the wannabe-Baht-millionaires among our readers who are as passionate about the Thai lottery as the Thais themselves, here are the latest Thai lottery results and lucky numbers:

Thai Lottery Results – August 1, 2015

1st prize (six digits): 518677
Three digits: 333 598 648 889
Two digits: 53

Thai lottery results August 1, 2015

Deadline for Mandatory SIM Card Registration – July 31

You may remember that half a year ago Thai authorities issued a new rule requiring all prepaid SIM card users in Thailand to have their personal details registered. Failure to do so means that you’ll be unable to make phone calls, send messages or use data after July 31st, 2015. The mandatory registration process started…Continue Reading

48-Hour Alcohol Ban for Buddhist Holidays – July 30, 31

This year, the back-to-back Buddhist holidays of Asarnha Bucha and Khao Pansaa fall on Thursday, July 30, and Friday, July 31. Both are important public holidays, and government offices, the local immigration bureau, banks and many other businesses will be closed for two consecutive days. As mandatory on the most important Buddha days, alcohol sales…Continue Reading

Thailand Welcomes 17 Millionth Tourist in 2015

Only less than two weeks ago we reported that Thailand had just welcomed a “lucky” 16 millionth visitor this year – a young Frenchman and his girlfriend, who were given an elaborate welcome (and a couple of freebies) by tourism officials at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Well, this “Thailand’s Luckiest Visitor” thing now seems to become a…Continue Reading

Thailand Bans Alcohol Sales Near Schools – So What?

Last week, the military government has issued two controversial new laws restricting the sales of alcohol within a radius of 300 metres of schools and universities across the country. While it still remains to be seen how strictly the new rules will be enforced and how they will affect the entertainment industry (we think Pattaya…Continue Reading

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