• Pattaya nightlife

    Pattaya after dark - a neon-lit Disneyland for adults

  • Pattaya bay

    Pattaya bay from Pratamnak hill viewpoint

  • Sexy coyote dancers in a GoGo bar

    Sexy coyote girls pole-dancing in a GoGo bar

  • Pattaya beach promenade by night

    Pattaya beach road promenade by night

  • Sexy Pattaya bar girl or ladyboy?

    Sexy Pattaya bar girl or ladyboy? What's your guess?

  • Elephant show in Pattaya

    Elephant show at Nong Nooch Garden near Pattaya

  • Under the shade of palm trees at Jomtien beach

    Under the shade of palm trees at Jomtien beach

  • GoGo bar on Walking Street

    Hello sexy man! Are you ready to party?

  • Sexy coyote girls

    Party time in a club on Walking Street

  • Sexy Thai models at Jomtien beach

    Fancy dating a cute Thai girl that doesn't work in a bar?

  • Pattaya bay from Pratamnak hill viewpoint

    Pattaya bay from Pratamnak hill viewpoint

  • GoGo bar on Walking Street

    Happy hour in a GoGo bar on Walking Street

  • Pattaya by night - Disneyland for adults

    Pattaya city by night - Disneyland for adults

  • Bar girls waiting for customers on Soi 6

    Pattaya bar girls waiting for customers on Soi 6

  • Boomtown Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya

    Boomtown Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya

  • Sexy coyote dancer in a bar in Pattaya

    Sexy coyote dancer in a bar in Pattaya

  • Big Buddha mountain near Pattaya

    Big Buddha mountain near Pattaya

  • Sexy coyote dancer in a Walking Street club

    Sexy coyote dancer in a Walking Street club

  • Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua

    Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua

  • Relaxing Thai massage on Jomtien beach

    Relaxing Thai massage on Jomtien beach

Thai Airways Faces “Significant Loss” in 2015

thai airways emptyAfter posting its biggest annual loss since 2008 last year, Thai Airways International is expected to post another “significant loss” this year. As part of an extensive recovery plan, the state-controlled carrier will be forced to sell aircraft, reduce flights and drop unprofitable routes to a number of European destinations in order to return to profitability by 2016.
This comes after “significant safety concerns” raised by the International Civil Aviation Organization have Thai airlines face bans on new flights to a number of foreign countries, for example, Japan and Korea.

The Bangkok Post quotes the THAI president as saying this week in an interview:

It will be another tough year for Thai Airways in 2015, as the company is implementing a painful recovery programme.

Thailand’s national carrier, which has posted annual losses over the past two years and has seen its stocks plunge by 25% this year, would initially sell 42 ageing aircraft, reduce its fleet to about 77 planes, and “substantially” trim operating costs, the THAI president said.
Thai Airways would reportedly also stop unprofitable routes to some European cities like Madrid and Moscow, reduce flights to cities like London in order to shift capacity to flights in Asia, and close its air cargo business.
The only sign of an upward trend for THAI at the moment seems to be that the state-controlled airline has “filled about 75% of its seats in the first quarter of 2015, compared with about 69% in the October-December period” of 2014.

The picture embedded above was taken by a friend in mid-November 2014 just before take-off on a THAI flight from Bangkok to Copenhagen. “Lucky, not many passengers,” he ironically commented on his Facebook post.

Young Foreign Tourist Pickpocketed By Ladyboy on Soi 7

ladyboy pickpocket soi 7A drunk foreign tourist in his mid-twenties, whose nationality has not been revealed, reportedly had his wallet (or bag?) pickpocketed by a ladyboy on Pattaya Soi 7 late Friday night.
The incident was captured on CCTV at Shooters Bar where the young man had earlier been drinking with friends.

Pattaya One reports that following a night of heavy drinking at the popular coyote bar, the “heavily intoxicated” tourist

stumbled outside the bar in order to smoke a cigarette when he encountered a ladyboy who proceeded to steal his wallet. He then left on a motorbike driven by a second ladyboy who was waiting, with the engine running, nearby.

PDN report that the ladyboy “snatched his bag”.
While police were immediately notified and rushed to the crime scene, the drunk victim, for some strange reason, preferred not to proceed with the case but simply “walked away”. Nonetheless, Pattaya One adds, police urged the media to publicize the story as a warning to other unsuspecting tourists and to

highlight the ever-present dangers of ladyboys and other criminal elements who prey on vulnerable foreign tourists around Pattaya city.

We’re happy to follow suit. While we know that many of our readers have a secret or not-so-secret crush on katoeys (which is perfectly fine), the legions of low-life ladyboys roaming the streets of Pattaya after dark can be a real pain in the rear at times and the crime rate among those creatures of the night appears to be constantly rising. Watch out, especially when you’ve had one too many.

Pattaya Daily News also have a video report:

Cigarette & Liquor Prices Go Up

Here’s just what we needed, eh? As had been widely anticipated, Thai PBS confirmed today that prices for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages would increase “now” after the new so-called “Sports Act” has been enacted. The Sports Act requires producers and distributors of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to contribute to the newly-established “national sports development” fund…Continue Reading

Martial Law May Soon Be Lifted … On Paper

Thai junta leader and prime minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha hinted on Friday that martial law would soon be lifted and replaced with a controversial section of the interim constitution that gives the military junta equally sweeping powers. Martial law has been in place since May 20 last year, two days before the military takeover that brought…Continue Reading

Songkran 2015 in Pattaya – Are You Ready to Party?

Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year festival, is just around the corner now and preparations for the world’s “largest water battle” are well under way. If you wish to join the annual madness, which is like the final chapter of the high season and usually sees over half a million people from all over Thailand…Continue Reading

Pattaya Isaan Festival – March 27-29

If you’ve got a Thai girlfriend you’ve met, say, in a bar in Pattaya, chances that she’s from Thailand’s rural northeastern region commonly known as Isaan are as high as 99%. In fact, most of the Thais you meet in Pattaya weren’t actually born in Pattaya but originate from rural areas somewhere on the vast…Continue Reading

Pattaya Flooded After First Heavy Rains of 2015

Is Pattaya city and its drainage system sufficiently prepared for the upcoming rainy season that hasn’t even started yet on paper? To judge from the severe flooding Pattaya experienced Tuesday afternoon, the answer is – obviously not. For the first time this year, heavy rains battered not only Pattaya yesterday, but also Bangkok and other…Continue Reading

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