Indian Tourist Robbed by Knife-Wielding Thai Women on Motorbike

Jomtien Beach Road at sunset

An Indian tourist in Pattaya was reportedly robbed off over 15,000 Baht by two Thai women riding a motorcycle in the early hours of Sunday. Incidentally, the robbery occurred on Soi 9 off Pattaya Beach Road just behind the local police station.
But what makes this case even more unusual than the oddish scene of the crime is that this wasn’t just a routine snatch-and-grab theft (these occur all too regularly on the streets of Pattaya) but the women allegedly threatened their victim with a knife.

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Bar Girl Brawl on Soi 6, GoGo Dancer Stabbed with Broken Bottle

Soi 6 GoGo dancer stabbed in bar girl brawl

You think Thai girls working in the same bar are really all good friends and “sisters”? Nope. There’s actually a lot of competition and jealousy among the girls, with especially “new ladies” finding it hard to fit in when low season is as low as this year and not many Farangs will “bar fine” them.
Only in January this year two girls from an A-GoGo bar at Jomtien thrashed it out after the end of their shift, leaving one girl badly injured after her colleague stabbed her with a corkscrew.
Now a GoGo dancer from an unnamed bar on Soi 6 repeatedly stabbed a colleague in the face with a broken bottle after the “new” girl had allegedly pointed at her with her feet – a serious insult in Thai culture.

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Finnish Expat Torches Pattaya Condo After Argument With Thai BF

A 49-year-old Finnish national was arrested early on Sunday after torching his 13th-floor condo at the Center Condominium in South Pattaya following an argument with his Thai boyfriend. Emergency services and firefighters rushed to the scene of the blaze at around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning after smoke coming from the bathroom window of the… Continue Reading

Australian National Falls to Death From Pattaya Condominium

A 59-year-old Australian national reportedly fell to his death from the 15-story 9 Karat Condominium on Soi Arunothai 2 early on Wednesday. The victim, Mr Russell John Calcutt, had earlier had a drink with his Thai GF and an Australian friend and was due to return to Australia the following morning. His body reportedly landed… Continue Reading

Thai Lottery Results – August 16, 2016

The Thai government lottery is the only kind of “gambling” legally allowed in Thailand and taken very seriously by the Thai people. Lottery tickets are pre-printed in Thailand so you don’t really get to pick your own numbers as in lottery systems in the West. Instead, you select your preferred six-digit “lucky number” from an… Continue Reading

Bomb Attacks Hit Five Southern Thai Provinces, Killing Four

Four people were killed and dozens injured, including 10 foreign tourists, in a wave of coordinated twin bomb attacks across the south of Thailand Thursday night and Friday morning. Targeted tourist destinations inluded Hua Hin, Phuket and Surat Thani. Several arson attacks were also reported across the southern provinces. One bomb reportedly went off outside… Continue Reading

Foreign Tourists May Be Required to Use Tracking SIM Cards (Updated)

In the name of national security (what else?), Thailand now plans to issue foreign visitors to the kingdom with special SIM cards that would allow authorities to easily track them. According to the controversial proposal, all foreign tourists and expats would be required to use a new style of SIM cards which would allow the… Continue Reading

Chinese Tourist Has 200k Baht Gold Necklace Robbed in Pattaya

Why would anyone in his right mind wear a gold necklace worth an alleged 200,000 Baht (that’s nearly 6,000 US dollars) while walking around Pattaya by night and buying fruit with his family? Well, there has never been a shortage of stupid in Pattaya, and the ever-increasing influx of nouveau-riche Chinese and Indian tourists, most… Continue Reading

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