Two Chinese Women Allegedly Raped on Koh Larn

Asian girls on Koh ChangTwo young Thai speedboat drivers, aged 19 and 22, were arrested by tourist police in Pattaya on Thursday for allegedly robbing and raping two female Chinese tourists on a beach on Koh Larn island, some seven kilometres off the coast of Pattaya.
The two unidentified Chinese women told police they had been “approached” by the two men Monday evening “while they were visiting Koh Larn.” No further details have been released.
The Bangkok Post reports:

The two men had persuaded them to go and see the monkeys on the island. Instead of taking them there the suspects threatened them with screwdrivers and took them to Nang Nuan beach on the island. There, they raped them.
The victims said they felt embarrassed after the incident and dared not tell others. However, they later found out that their passports were missing as they were in their bags also allegedly stolen by the suspects.

It was only after they contacted the Chinese embassy in Bangkok over the incident that they lodged a complaint at Pattaya Police Station and the two alleged rapists were arrested.

Pattaya Pervy Harasses Shop Owner (Video)

Pattaya pervertPattaya has always been full of idiots and perverts, usually of the more harmless variety. And in spite of all that blah of attracting “quality tourists” etc., some things simply never change. Now an unidentified Arab-looking guy of unknown nationality has joined this club of pervy morons.
Performing some kind of lewd act in public usually carries a moderate fine of 500 Baht in Thailand. But for some reason, this foreign loony was let off the hook by police in Pattaya after he was caught by a Thai woman at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning playing with himself and harassing her through the glass window of her shop at an unnamed location in Pattaya.
The incident happened outside the lady’s beauty salon which had already closed at the time. She told police that the “heavily intoxicated” foreigner first attempted to enter her shop. But with the door already locked, he moved over to the front window and began to touch himself while staring at the woman and licking his lips. She recorded the man’s private pervy show and later uploaded the clip to Facebook.
Police reportedly arrived within minutes and all the freak came up with was a lukewarm “sorry”, even claiming the harassed woman was his wife. But as the beauty salon owner who insisted she didn’t know the man stopped short of taking further legal action police eventually let the him off with a warning “not to return”. Here’s the clip:

h/t Stickboy Bangkok, Pattaya One

Fingerprints Link Suspect to Bomb-Making Material

There is mounting evidence that the second suspect in the Erawan shrine bomb blast who was taken into Thai custody on Tuesday was directly involved in the bomb blast. The yet unidentified foreign man suspected of being a Chinese Uighur however denies he is the bomber.

Bomb suspect and alleged passport photo

Forensic tests have confirmed that fingerprints taken of the suspect matched those found on a container used for explosives that was collected during a raid on a rented room on the eastern outskirts of Bangkok.
The first foreign suspect, who has not yet been identified either and whose nationality remains a mystery, was arrested at the apartment on Saturday. It is now believed that the second suspect nabbed at the Cambodian border on Tuesday also stayed at the apartment.
He has also confessed during interrogation to being at the bomb scene “at the time of the explosion” but denies he had planted the bomb at the Erawan shrine.
The powerful explosive device is believed to have been hidden in a backpack dumped under a bench at the shrine by a young foreign man wearing a yellow T-shirt shortly before the detonation. Police believe the second suspect is that man and are seeking more witnesses.

The suspect’s identity and nationality has not been confirmed yet by authorities. Although he reportedly carried a passport which identified him as a 26-year-old ethnic Uighur from Xinjiang province in China, the document’s authenticity has neither been confirmed nor denied yet.
According to the deputy police chief, interrogation of the suspect also “required a Turkish translator”, however it is not known whether the language spoken by the suspect was actually Turkish or Uighur language, which is part of the wider Turkic family and spoken by ethnic Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang province.

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Bomb Suspect Arrested at Thai-Cambodian Border

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Arrest Warrants Out for Two More Bomb Suspects

As the military government concedes that the Erawan Shrine bombing two weeks ago might have been related to human trafficking and the recent deportation of 109 Uighur Muslims to China, two more arrest warrants have been issued in the case – one for a Thai woman, the other one for an unidentified foreign man of… Continue Reading

Bangkok Bomb Attack – More Details Emerge

An unidentified foreign key suspect in the deadly Erawan Shrine bomb attack two weeks ago that killed 20 people was arrested at a budget apartment complex on the eastern outskirts of Bangkok Saturday. What progress have police made in their investigation, and what do we know? Who is the Arrested Man? Identity and nationality of… Continue Reading

Suspect in Bangkok Bomb Blast Arrested

A fake Turkish passport holder was arrested Saturday afternoon at a rented room in Bangkok’s eastern Nong Chok district on suspicion of involvement in last week’s Erawan Shrine bomb attack that killed at least 20 people. Police had earlier received a tip-off by his landlord that a foreigner who “looked like the suspect” in the… Continue Reading

Most Thai Men Drink, Finds Survey

Breaking news: A survey covering 1,300 Thai women found that a large majority of Thai men were, well, not quite alcoholics, but at least heavy drinkers. Who would have thought that? According to the survey (which apparently only represents a female perspective), 71.6% of the respondents bemoaned that their partners were regular or “heavy drinkers”… Continue Reading

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