American Beaten Up for Playing Hero in Domestic Dispute

American beaten up for playing hero in domestic dispute

Thais usually don’t interfere in domestic disputes between husband and wife, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. They may take a video and post it on Facebook, but that’s it.
No matter whether or not you agree with this lack of moral courage, here’s a good reason why foreigners might also not want to get involved when the shit hits the fan between Thai male and Thai female.
A 67-year-old American expat identified only as “Bob” got beaten up badly by a Thai man after he interfered in a domestic dispute the man had with his “ex-wife” who happened to work as a “waitress” at the bar where he was drinking.
Bob suffered injuries to his head and required medical treatment.

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Thai Lottery Results – January 17, 2017


The Thai government lottery is the only kind of “gambling” legally allowed in Thailand and taken very seriously by the Thai people.
Lottery tickets are pre-printed in Thailand so you don’t really get to pick your own numbers as in lottery systems in the West. Instead, you select your preferred six-digit “lucky number” from an assortment at a sales booth or a hawker’s tray of pre-printed tickets (see image above). They’re sold by legions of street vendors nationwide in the days before the next draw.
The official ticket price is 80 Baht but agents usually sell them at around 100 Baht.
The winning numbers (and there are dozens) are drawn live on national television twice a month, usually on the 1st and on the 16th. Only when a national holiday falls on these dates the lottery draw is carried out a day later.

For the wannabe-Baht-millionaires among our readers who are as passionate about the Thai lottery as the Thais themselves, here are the latest Thai lottery results and all lucky numbers. Feel free to bookmark this page to make sure you never miss the latest draw!

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No Elections for Thailand This Year, Postponed Until Mid-2018

No news here. As was to be expected, a member of the junta-appointed interim parliament suggested over the weekend there would be no general elections in Thailand this year. Although prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and the deputy-chairman of the ruling junta denied the reports later we would definitely not hold our breath. Thai daily Khaosod… Continue Reading

Visa-Exempt Entries Now 30 Days at Land Border Crossings

The “border run” rules and the “visa exemption” scheme, which allows nationals of more than 40 countries to temporarily visit Thailand without a visa, have recently been substantially clarified and standardized. On one hand, they’ve become considerably stricter. A few weeks ago only, we reported that foreigners who enter Thailand without a visa via a… Continue Reading

Russian Tourist Robbed by Walking Street Hooker in Pattaya Condo

A 28-year-old Russian tourist who had picked up a Thai hooker from Walking Street and taken her back to his condo early Thursday morning apparently had his drink spiked by the young lady and was robbed of items with an estimated total value of 120,000 Baht. The Russian told police he had met the young… Continue Reading

No New Year Countdown Party in South Pattaya, Fireworks Banned

Following the death of King Bhumibol in October it was expected that this year’s new year celebrations would be slightly subdued and more low-key than in previous years. This has now been confirmed. For example, there will be no organized countdown party and concert at South Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier tonight as usual. Furthermore, fireworks… Continue Reading

Norwegian Groper Beaten Unconscious by Bar Staff on Walking Street

A young Norwegian tourist was beaten unconscious by a group of Thai men in front of the Reggae & Soul Bar on Walking Street early on Thursday after he had allegedly groped one of the men’s girlfriend’s breasts. The incident happened at 3 a.m. in the early hours of Thursday and left the 22-year-old Norwegian… Continue Reading

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