Silver Star A-GoGo Bars Raided on Pattaya Soi 7, Soi 8

Two GoGo bars on Soi 7 and Soi 8 were raided late Saturday night as police appear to be continuing some kind of selective crackdown on GoGo Bars and “lewd show entertainment” in an attempt to clean up Pattaya’s seedy image.

The raids on the two Silver Star A-GoGo’s which are virtually located just around the corner from Pattaya Police Station were allegedly inspired by “several reports that sex shows were being performed” at the venues. (Another possibility is certainly that the owners forgot to pay their tea money in time.)
They also came on the heels of a surprise visit by the Boys in Brown at the popular Windmill A-GoGo earlier this week, during which an elderly Briton was caught in the act with a “private dancer” in a short-time room on the premises.
So what dirty secrets behind closed doors did the police uncover on Soi 7 and Soi 8?

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Old Cheap Charlie Attacked by Bar Girl After Refusing to Pay Bar Bill

An elderly British couple in their Sixties were attacked by a bar girl on Soi 8 last night after they refused to pay their bar bill in full. Why they did so? Because the drinks in the beer bar weren’t quite as cheap as in 7-Eleven or Family Mart and the nutcases felt ripped off or something.
The incident happened at Patsy beer bar on Soi 8 off Pattaya Beach Road and left the 63-year-old husband with a nasty looking black eye and a cut to his forehead.
A video of the attack which shows the bar worker kicking and punching the elderly guy and even smashing her shoe over his head as she’s chasing the group of tourists down the Soi has been uploaded to the Internet and can be viewed here.

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Underage Girls Offered for Sex in Pattaya Massage Shop

Thai massage on Pattaya beach

A seemingly traditional massage shop on Soi Chalermprakiat 25 (as far as we know that’s Soi Chaiyapoon just off Soi Buakhao) was raided after police had received a number of reports that the venue was offering “extra” services also provided by underage girls.
After verifying these rumours through the help of a foreign undercover agent armed with 1,500 Baht in marked banknotes the 43-year-old manageress/owner of the shop was arrested and charged with a number of offences including human trafficking and luring and offering underage girls for sex.

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Kuwaiti Teen Arrested for Stabbing Compatriot in Pattaya

Pattaya appears to attract an ever-increasing number of quality tourists (sic) at an increasingly young age. Now a 18-year-old Kuwaiti national was arrested shortly after stabbing a compatriot, also aged only 18. The incident happened at a convenience store on Soi VC in South Pattaya just after midnight on Thursday and left the victim seriously… Continue Reading

Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

A 26-year-old ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street early Wednesday morning for being part of pickpocket team that stole the smartphone of a tourist from Jordania. The 61-year-old tourist told police that he had been strolling along Walking Street on his way back to his hotel room when the ladyboy and a female accomplice chatted… Continue Reading

Russian Tourist Hit, Killed by Foreigner Riding Ducati Superbike

We’re certain it’s not completely new to you that pedestrians aren’t always safe on the streets of Pattaya. So the following story may just serve as an extreme reminder that you should always keep an eye on the traffic before crossing a road in Thailand. This rule doesn’t apply just during heavy daytime traffic but… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ban on Makha Bucha Day, February 11, 2017

This year, the important Buddhist holiday of Makha Bucha falls on Monday, February 11. Since this is a national holiday, government offices including your local immigration bureau, banks and many other businesses would usually be closed for one day. With Makha Bucha falling on a Saturday, however, and government offices being closed anyway, Monday, February… Continue Reading

Free Tourist Visa Scheme Extended Until August 2017

The Thai Cabinet has agreed on Tuesday to extend the free tourist visa scheme for visitors from all countries for another six months until the end of August 2017. The free visa promotion was initially launched on December 1 in order to increase the number of foreign visitors during the peak season and specifically aimed… Continue Reading

December 5 Remains National Holiday

December 5, the birthday of the late Thai king who passed away last October, will remain a national holiday and continue to be celebrated as Father’s Day after Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha countersigned a royal order on Tuesday. According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, December 5 will mark three important occasions:… Continue Reading

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