Thai PM Orders Crackdown on Drunk Driving

Crackdown on Drunk DrivingThai prime minister and junta leader Prayuth Chan-o-cha has ordered an all-out crackdown on drunk driving and instructed police nationwide to regularly set up road checkpoints and check blood alcohol level of motorists. quotes a deputy government spokesman as saying that Prayuth wanted
police to take drastic actions against drunk drivers without leniency.
Thailand’s ultimate strongman, a passionate cyclist himself who has instructed local administrations to build more bike lanes nationwide, issued the order after a drunk female university student on her way home from a “party” crashed her car into a group of five cyclists in Chiang Mai Sunday morning, instantly killing three of them.
The 23-year-old has been charged with reckless driving, which carries a maximum jail term of 10 years. According to the Bangkok Post, the tragedy also caused anti-alcohol groups to call for “stern action against bars that continue to serve drunk customers” and remain open after the legal closing time.

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Irish Expat Attacked by Ladyboy on Walking Street

Ladyboy arrested on Walking StreetA 24-year-old ladyboy freelancer was arrested on Walking Street late Saturday night after allegedly harassing and hitting an Irish expat (or tourist?) over the head with a high-heeled shoe near Lucifer’s disco.
While the 55-year-old Irishman reportedly sustained a “deep” cut to his forehead and was sent to a local hospital for treatment, the ladyboy was charged with physical assault.

According to Khaosod English,

the 55-year-old Irish man said he was taking a stroll on Walking Street when a transgender woman approached him and offered sexual services. He reportedly declined the officer, but the woman put her arm around him and molested him.

Tourist police on Walking Street are quoted as saying:

The perpetrator did not stop nagging him, so he became angry and pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground. When the perpetrator regained her balance, she took off one of her high-heeled shoes and used it to hit the victim’s head.

Only a couple of weeks ago, another ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street for hitting a Polish woman over her head with a high-heeled shoe. The victim had reportedly been arguing with the katoey after he/she approached her husband and offered him sexual services.

Swedish Tourist Detains Pattaya Beach Bag Snatcher

sunset south pattayaA 52-year-old Swedish tourist managed to apprehend a Thai man late Friday night who had stolen his bag from Pattaya beach as he was swimming in the sea opposite the Montien Hotel late Friday night. The thief later told police he needed some money to “pay his rent and purchase some drugs”.

The Swedish national, named as Mohammad Reed Rezai, had reportedly taken his 32-year-old Thai girlfriend for a late-night swim and left his bag, containing 240 Baht and a Samsung smartphone, on the beach.

Pattaya One reports:

As they were in the water, a Thai man was seen walking around their bag and eventually he took the bag and ran towards Soi 7.

Mr. Rezai gave chase but lost the man so he decided to make his way to Pattaya Police Station to report the crime and as he walked back to his hotel after making the report, by chance, he spotted the suspect and managed to detain him near Tops Supermarket at the Central Pattaya intersection with Pattaya Second Road.

Well done!

Thai Baht Has Biggest Weekly Loss Since 2013

visa moneyThe Thai Baht extended its weekly decline to 1.2% on Thursday – the biggest weekly loss since December 2013.
The sharp drop came a day after the Bank of Thailand (BOT) unexpectedly cut its policy rate for a second straight session by a quarter of a percentage point to 1.5% to weaken the value of the Baht and support the sluggish economy. The benchmark SET index initially fell as much as 1.2% on Wednesday.

Just hours before the central bank’s surprising move – it had cut its benchmark interest rate in March only -, the Finance Ministry reduced its GDP growth forecast for this year to 3.7% from an earlier estimate of 3.9% on a slump in exports and domestic consumption. The ministry also cut the 2015 export growth forecast to 0.2% from 1.4%.
Thailand’s economy expanded at its weakest pace in three years in 2014 and has been struggling to recover, with exports falling for a third consecutive month in March and consumer confidence dropping to a nine-month low.

Thai Political Parties Banned From Debating Draft Constitution

Thailand moves forward. At least that’s one of the slogans the kingdom’s ruling junta likes to use to promote its politics. Thailand’s so-called Constitution Drafting Committee (whose 36 members were exclusively appointed by the junta a.k.a. NCPO or the “National Council for Peace and Order”) has now written a new draft constitution. Sure, that’s a…Continue Reading

Finnish Tourist Beaten Up By Britons in Jomtien Bar Complex

A drunk Finnish tourist was beaten up by four Britons in front of “Party Girl’s” bar in the Rompho market complex on Jomtien Second Road late Sunday night. While the 40-year-old victim suffered “head injuries and a wound on the right elbow”, an unidentified and equally intoxicated British tourist was later arrested over the incident.…Continue Reading

Russian Woman Has Bag Snatched on Jomtien Beach

A 24-year-old female Russian tourist became Pattaya’s latest bag snatch victim as she was “sitting and drinking beer” on Jomtien beach at around 3 a.m. Friday morning. Fortunately for the victim, the 21-year-old bag snatcher was apparently no professional and not equipped with the requisite getaway vehicle; so instead of speeding off into the night…Continue Reading

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