New Traffic Crackdown Announced in Pattaya

Heavy traffic on Pattaya beach road

Pattaya police on Monday afternoon announced a new crackdown on common traffic violations. It comes on top of an ongoing crackdown on drunk driving and an increasing number of police checkpoints all around Pattaya where drivers aren’t just breathalyzed (and face heavy fines) but driving licenses, car documentation etc. are also being checked.
As a result, only your webmaster knows half a dozen expats and tourists himself who now prefer to leave their motorcycles at home after dark.
According to Pattaya One, the latest “crackdown” (Thai officials simply love this word) will focus on five specific traffic violations and local police will be assisted by the military, district officers and city hall officials:

During the crackdown, which will last for an unspecified amount of time, officers will be looking out for motorists who overtake slower-moving vehicles in areas of double or single yellow lines.
Those parked in prohibited areas, in either red/white or black/white zones will be targeted along with those motorists who cross junction lines to turn into side-roads before the traffic light turns green.
Motorists who travel in the wrong direction along roads and vehicles displaying fake license plates will also be targeted.

Good idea basically, we think. Let’s just hope this latest crackdown won’t focus exclusively on foreigners?

Source; Pattaya One News

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