New ED Visa Requirements, Extension Rules Enforced in Pattaya

According to a thread on, starting from February 2015, Chonburi Immigration on Jomtien Soi 5 will enforce the same strict rules regarding the requirements for ED visa holders and ED visa extension as immigration on Phuket and in Bangkok.
That means that, for example, Thai language students will now also have to attend classes 4 days a week, for 2 hours per class, in order to extend an ED visa, effectively doubling the hours of study that were previously requested by authorities. If students do not attend classes regularly and study the required amount of hours per week, their visa will not be extended.
Also, when extending their visa for 90 days, students will initially be given only a 15-day extension. At the end of this “evaluation period” (during which an immigration officer may visit your school and check whether students actually attend classes or not) they must go back to their local immigration office and will be granted another 75-day extension. That means that for each 90-day period ED visa holders must visit immigration twice.

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