Necklace Theft from Indian Tourist Foiled on Pattaya Beach

Freelancers on Pattaya beachA 31-year-old Indian tourist had his gold necklace snatched from around his neck late Tuesday night as he was walking back to his hotel and was approached by a gang of three ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road.
Two of the ladyboys reportedly hugged the tourist in front of the Bangkok Bank branch at the southern end of Beach road while the third katoey snatched his gold necklace worth an estimated 13,000 Baht.
Luckily for the victim, however, the ladyboy trio’s latest coup was obviously ill-prepared as they failed to notice a police patrol stationed on the beach promenade on the other side of the road that had been “watching events unfold.”
While two of the culprits apparently managed to escape, Pattaya One reports that police immediately gave chase to the third ladyboy and managed to detain him/her swiftly.
Fortunately for the Indian victim, the 25-year-old “bloke with boobs” was just the one who had snatched the necklace, which was later returned to its rightful owner.
Pattaya One adds that the arrested katoey

claimed he was part of a gang who would target foreigners and steal necklaces to fund nights out with friends.

Let’s hope that police manage to arrest also his mates a.s.a.p.

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