No More Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant Visa at Honorary Consulates


As of August 15, 2016, it seems that Thai honorary consulates in a number of countries across the world will no longer issue multiple-entry Non-Immigrant visa but only single-entry visa that are good for just one 90-day visit to Thailand.
If you want a multiple-entry Non-Immigrant visa that is valid for a full year, yes they’re still available, but you may now have to apply at a Royal Thai Embassy or a Thai Consulate-General to get one.
Visa application by post is also possible at embassies but may obviously take a couple of weeks.

While these new restrictions may not apply in every country they’ve been confirmed to us from several contacts in the UK, Germany and Australia – key tourism source markets for the kingdom.
In a number of countries, you may also have to be of retirement age or 65 years old and/or receive a state pension to be eligible to apply for a multiple-entry Non-Immigrant visa type “O”.
Needless to say that these new guidelines will especially hit would-be long-stayers who have a long way to travel to the embassy or an official Thai consulate in their home country.

On a positive note, relatively speaking, it appears there are a few exceptions to these tightened new rules, such as the honorary consulate in Essen, Germany, that may, in individual cases, issue multiple-entry Non-Immigrant visa, however will require prior approval from the Royal Thai Embassy.
Another option – i.e. if you have the required documentation and either 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account, proof of an income/pension of at least 65,000 Baht per month, or a combination of both totalling 800,000 Baht – is obviously to apply for a one-year extension at a local immigration office after you’ve arrived in Thailand.

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