Middle-Eastern Suspect Nicks Night Receptionist’s Phone

Soi YensabaiA 30-year-old female receptionist at a hotel in South Pattaya reportedly had her Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone stolen by a middle eastern man Thursday morning after she had fallen asleep on the job and the man entered the hotel and couldn’t find a room he could burgle.
It was obviously only through CCTV footage at the reception that the sleepy lady who had been in charge of the area found out what had happened during her working hours.
According to Pattaya One News, police were called to the Point Residence Hotel on Soi Yensabai just before 6 a.m. on Thursday morning where the 30-year-old woman conceded she had been sleeping on the job. Only when she woke up (and presumably felt the urge to post a status update on Facebook),

she found her mobile phone had been stolen. When she checked security cameras at the hotel, a man, thought to be middle-eastern in origin, was seen to enter the hotel and tried to enter a number of hotel rooms but all were occupied and as he left the hotel he saw the mobile phone and stole it.

Wow, what can one say? Good to know there’s always a receptionist around who you can rely on in terms of security, ain’t it?

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