Massage Shop Raided in Pattaya for Offering ‘Special’ Services

Massage Shop Raided for Offering 'Special' Services

It’s not exactly breaking news that there are massage shops in Pattaya that extend their services beyond a traditional bone breaking session and don’t focus so much on health benefits but rather on your sexual gratification.
According to media reports some massage parlours in Pattaya may focus just on that – non-standard extra services that may well result in your balls getting emptied usually by means of manual or oral attention.

Now the “Good Friend” massage shop on Pattaya 3rd Road was paid a visit by undercover police over the weekend after the Boys on Brown – all upholders of moral standards – had received shocking reports that the girls working at the little venue provided such “special” naughty services.

Pattaya One reports:

Armed with 3,000 baht, undercover police entered the shop posing as regular customers. They were greeted by the owner, 35 year old, who ushered them in to choose from one of the nine lovely ladies that were available.

After discussing price and services available, the police felt that they had enough evidence to raid the business.

Police found there to be six private rooms upstairs, in which customers could relax whilst enjoying their massage and anything else that may or may not have been agreed.

The owner strongly denied that any funny business would take place under her control and insisted that customers got nothing more than your basic massage. Police, however, did not believe the story and were convinced that illegal activity was taking place at the venue.

The female owner was arrested by police and now faces legal charges. It remains unknown whether the business remains open or has been forced to shut down by authorities.

4 Responses to Massage Shop Raided in Pattaya for Offering ‘Special’ Services

  1. Nice to see the police keeping everyone safe. Perhaps next they should start to raid beer bars offering lady fines or go-go bars… Or maybe some palms have just started to run low on grease.

  2. As there numerous establishments of this nature in Pattaya, why just pick on this place? I feel that there probably has been problems in the past with the police. For example possible complaints from customers, i.e. Theft, overcharging etc. Also it serves as a warning to other places not to fall foul of the police! How are you keeping Andy? I hope life is treating you o.k. You said quite some time ago that you were going to send me an e-mail.
    I take that you must be quite busy. Take care, all the best, DAVE………….

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