Ladyboys Nabbed for Pickpocketing German Tourist

Pattaya beach road by nightTwo ladyboys were arrested by members of the public in the wee hours of Friday morning for pickpocketing a 50-year-old German tourist in Central Pattaya.
The German man, named as Mr. Reimund, was reportedly on his way back to his hotel when the two ladyboys chatted him up and begun pestering him outside the Sawoy seafood restaurant on Pattaya Second Road.
Despite doing the only right thing you can do when ladyboys make unwanted advances, that’s just walk on by and ignore the pest, the two 38-year-old katoeys eventually manged to nick his wallet containing 3,090 Baht, personal items and credit cards.
Pattaya One report that Mr. Reimund was eventually

distracted enough by the pair who were able to take his wallet which was inside his back pocket of his shorts. Luckily the incident was witnessed by members of the public who were able to detain the pair as they attempted to escape with the wallet which initially fell onto the road losing them valuable seconds to make their escape.

PDN have a slightly different account and report that the ladyboys were on a motorcycle and “stopped and hugged” the German, who only noticed the theft and shouted for help after he had escaped the nuisance and walked on.

Pattaya One also add an interesting detail:

Police checks revealed the two suspects were currently on bail pending court proceedings in connection with a similar case of street robbery. They are also thought to be linked to many other similar cases.

Which obviously raises the question why notorious repeat offenders like these get out on bail in the first place?

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