Ladyboy Pickpockets Targeting Foreigners Around Pattaya


Ladyboy pickpockets are a permanent menace for foreign tourists around Pattaya these days. Now two foreigners fell prey to two separate teams of ladyboy purse snatchers in two separate incidents occurring within just a few hours early on Tuesday (or at least these were the cases reported to the police during that time.)

In the first incident, a 45-year-old Japanese man was strolling along Pattaya Beach Road just after midnight when two ladyboys on a motorcycle stopped and chatted him up. According to Pattaya One, the duo

harassed him to have sex and then began touching him. He pushed them away and they then quickly rode away.

Unfortunately it was only when he arrived in a restaurant that he noticed that his wallet containing 28,000 Baht was missing.

The second incident reported to Pattaya police in the early hours of Tuesday involved an elderly French tourist and his 47-year-old Thai wife.
The Frenchman was allegedly pickpocket by a gang of ladyboys when he and his wife were traveling on a Baht bus on Pattaya Second Road and a “group of four Thai men, dressed in ladies clothing, got on and sat closely to him.”
Unfortunately the Frenchman, too, only realized that the 8,000 Baht he had been carrying in his trouser pockets had miraculously disappeared after he had gotten off the Baht bus at the Central Festival shopping mall.
The four-men gang of ladyboy pickpockets had obviously hopped off just a tad earlier …

UPDATE (September 8) – Police have now identified and arrested a five-man pickpocket gang (in actual fact, it were five ladyboys and one woman) for robbing the Frenchman on the Baht bus. According to Pattaya One, all suspects have confessed to a “series of crimes,” with some of them having been arrested before for similar offences.
In related news, two ladyboys, one of them a Cambodian national, were arrested for robbing an Omani tourist along the Pattaya beach promenade last week. As it seems, all suspects were identified through CCTV footage.

Source: Pattaya One

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  1. Most of Indian males wearing gold chains and these lady boys targeting them to remove the chains.
    The above picture is the place where most times these lady boys available

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