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Bar girl playing pool in Jomtien Rompho complexIf you stay in Pattaya for more than just a few weeks and enjoy a game of 8-ball pool and meeting new people at the same time, then how about joining one of the many expat pool teams here at Jomtien?
Only Jomtien has currently three stand-alone amateur pool leagues with more than 50 bars competing against each other three times a week. And here’s how it all started.

Match Results, League Tables, Fixture Lists & News

Jomtien pool barThe “old” Jomtien 8-ball Pool League, a local amateur pool “pub league” for bars all around Jomtien, first kicked off in 2003 and, in its original form, survived for 13 seasons.
Following the break-up of the original league in 2009, two stand-alone pool leagues emerged at Jomtien, with matches in both leagues taking place every Thursday. While one of these leagues is still being continued and is currently simply known as the Jomtien Pool League, the second league (Jomtien Expats Pool League) also disintegrated in 2011.

Later in 2011, bars in the Rompho complex on Jomtien Second Road (opp. Soi 7) initiated their own alternative pool league on Tuesdays (Rompho Expats Pool League), which is exclusively open to bars in the Rompho complex area. A new Monday league also kicked off in September 2014. As a result, Jomtien has currently three stand-alone pool leagues, with matches taking place weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
On this page you can find weekly updated league tables, match results and fixtures for all three leagues.

Jomtien Pool League (Thursday league) – 2017 Season

Jomtien pool league matchFollowing the general meeting at Winner Bar and the trophy presentation function at Bootleggers the new 2017 season has finally kicked off on Thursday, January 19.
With a total of 18 teams, including several new venues, in just one division, the 2017 season will last 34 weeks and will finish only in September.
The new venues are: Joy’s Paradise on Soi Welcome; OK Bar 2 at the bottom of Soi 3; Champions Bar, I Love This Bar, Piss Bar, Premiers Bar, and Rum Dum, all located in the Rompho complex.
Candy Loca, Celtic Tiger, Lanna Bar, Rack Em Up and San Snack Bar have withdrawn their teams from the League.
The remaining member teams are current league champions Winner Bar, runners-up Country Road (Thappraya Road), Tequila Bar, Woaw’s Pub, Bootleggers, OK Bar, New Country Road (Rompho complex), Buddy’s Bar, and RB Roadhouse (Soi 7, formerly Aussie Ally’s).
Bootleggers will have two teams competing in the League this season. They shall be known as the Bootleggers Wolves and the Bootleggers Runners. OK Bar 2 will also have two teams – OK Bar 2 A and OK Bar 2 B.
In addition, Andy (formerly San Snack Bar) has resigned as chairman/administrator of the League and will be replaced by Magic this season, so the match winners must text the results to Magic, preferably straight after a match has been completed.

The “original” Jomtien 8-Ball Pool League is the longest-running pool league at Jomtien and kicked off in 2003. It’s open to bars in the entire Jomtien area and currently consists of one division with 18 teams. League matches take place weekly on Thursday; the match start time is 8.30 p.m.
The format is 15 straight singles games of 8-ball pool, played in three sets of five games each. Participating teams should have a minimum of five and may have up to 15 players.
League matches are played according to the world-standardized (international) rules, i.e. one shot following a foul and “ball in hand” anywhere on the table.
Embedded below are the most current league table and the fixtures for the 2017 season.

Jomtien Pool League 2017 Week 13

Jomtien Pool League 2017 Fixtures

Rompho Expats Pool League (Tuesday league) – 2017 Season

Pool table at Rioja Gentleman's Club in JomtienThe new 2017 season in the Rompho Expats Pool League will finally kick off on Tuesday, February 21. New fixture lists are available for download below.
The “Tuesday League” is open to teams in the entire Jomtien area and currently consists of two divisions with 12 teams each. Matches take place every Tuesday night; the match start time is 8 p.m.
The match format is 15 straight singles games of 8-ball, played in three sets of five games each. Participating teams must have a minimum of five players. Four players in each set should be expats or visiting foreigners.
Since July 2015, “international rules” (one shot and “ball in hand” following a foul) shall apply.
You can download the fixture lists for both divisions from the links below. The most current league tables will be embedded on this page every week and can also be downloaded by following the link below the table.

Rompho Tuesday League Week 10

Rompho Tuesday Fixtures 2017

Rompho Monday 8-Ball League – 2016-17 Season

Celtig Tiger bar Rompho complexIn September 2014, a new “international rules” pool league was initiated by venues in the Rompho market complex. The League is open to bars all over Jomtien and currently consists of two divisions with 22 teams in total.
The current 2016-17 season has kicked off on Monday, October 31.
Matches take place weekly on Monday, starting from 8 p.m.; world-standardized (international) rules apply. The format is 15 straight singles games of 8-ball, played in three sets of five games each.
The most current league table and new fixture list for both divisions have been embedded below.

Rompho Monday League 2016-17 Week 22

Rompho Monday Fixtures 2016-17

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  1. Hi, I would like to register my bar in the next pool league in Jomtien. Please can someone give me details of who I should contact. Thanks.. Stuart 0988691439

    • Hi Stuart, there are currently three leagues in Jomtien, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The Monday and Tuesday leagues are basically just open to bars in the Rompho complex area. The Thursday league (international rules) is open to teams from all over Jomtien. I’m currently running the Thursday league pretty much myself and a new season will start sometime late July. As for the other two leagues I’m not 100% sure who’s in charge at the moment but I’ll find out and give you a call a.s.a.p.

      • HI Stuart, I’m doing the Monday night league at the moment but there is a meeting for the new Tuesday night league next week at Simple Life starting 5pm (Tuesday 16th June) where you can register a team.

    • Hi Pete, if you mean the Thursday league just send me an email as I’m actually running it myself. If it’s the Monday or Tuesday league you’re interested in I can pass your enquiry on to the chairman/secretary in these leagues as well.

  2. For the moment only the question.
    Whe have a new bar in Jomtien Complex with a very good table (only the lamps we have to place) The name of the bar is Man place just at the entrance of the venue cabaret soi and Thappraya Road. We like to start in the competition next season but like to play some practice matches. Can you inform me by return mail about conditions, rules, investment etc. We can play every evening.

  3. Hi Magic.
    I can see the the data sheet for the results of week 5 on Thursday League.
    BUT where should I find the data sheets for week 1 to 4 ?


    • Patrick, I remove the old tables from Google Drive and this page when I publish the new ones every week. Simply don’t want to keep all the old data – this page takes long enough to load already. Why would you want to look at results from two months ago?

    • Just by the way, Magic has nothing to with this page. This is simply a free service for the local pool leagues. Regards, Andy

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