Irish Overstayer Arrested for Telling Immigration Officer ‘F**k You’

Immigration office on Jomtien Soi 5

A 37-year-old Irish tourist was arrested at the Chonburi Immigration office on Jomtien Soi 5 and told to leave the country within 24 hours after he tried to extend his visa while on a four-day overstay.
The reason? The stubborn Irishman told the female immigration officer that was actually willing to grant him an extension, guess what, “F**k You”.

Mr Brian Walsh had reportedly gone on a border run last month, expecting to get another 30-day visa exemption stamp. Now Ireland is not a G7 member country, so Irish visitors only get a 15-day entry stamp when entering Thailand via a land border.
But brainless Brian it seems didn’t know the rules and failed to check his passport right at the border. Instead he only found out that he had not been given a 30-day stamp four days after his 15-day visa-exemption period had expired, leaving him on a four-day overstay and technically facing deportation and blacklisting.

Brian decided to try his luck at the local immigration office in Jomtien and applied for a 30-day extension which usually costs a fee of 1,900 Baht.
But now that Brian had already overstayed for four days, and the overstay fine being 500 Baht per day, he was asked to pay an additional 2,000 Baht (500 x four days) to clear the overstay first and get a 30-day extension, all in all 3,900 Baht and fully within the scope of the law.
Brian didn’t get it but instead lost the plot, obviously feeling “ripped off” (sic) when he was simply asked to pay the regular fine so he could walk off and stay another month in Pattaya.
When he finished his tirade by telling the helpful immigration officer “F**k You” Paddy had apparently crossed the line.

Trying to simply walk away and leave the immigration office premises, other officers stopped him and arrested him on the spot. Now technically they could have just thrown him in a detention cell, get the stubborn Irishman deported and blacklisted from re-entering Thailand for five years.
But Brian was lucky again as the officers eventually let him go scot-free, only warning him to leave the kingdom within 24 hours or else get prosecuted, deported and officially blacklisted.

Let’s hope Paddy has by now found his way to the airport, cleared his overstay there and f**ked off himself.

Source: Pattaya One

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  1. i think the immigration was very good with Paddy..
    i have a sad story a 70 year old man i met whilst backpacking from England that is living out in the country of Thailand has know running water or a electricity that has been taking care over a elderly Thai women that is very sick.for over 3 years he has just got news that his grand daughter has Brest cancer he has overstay 3 year he has been saving 20.000 baht and for his flight ticket to go back to the UK to visit his grand daughter.he did not know the immigration law had changed an-till i informed him that if he goes do the airport he will be blacklisted for up to 5 years.i just hope the immigration would be as good with this elderly man

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