Irish Expat Attacked by Ladyboy on Walking Street

Ladyboy arrested on Walking StreetA 24-year-old ladyboy freelancer was arrested on Walking Street late Saturday night after allegedly harassing and hitting an Irish expat (or tourist?) over the head with a high-heeled shoe near Lucifer’s disco.
While the 55-year-old Irishman reportedly sustained a “deep” cut to his forehead and was sent to a local hospital for treatment, the ladyboy was charged with physical assault.

According to Khaosod English,

the 55-year-old Irish man said he was taking a stroll on Walking Street when a transgender woman approached him and offered sexual services. He reportedly declined the officer, but the woman put her arm around him and molested him.

Tourist police on Walking Street are quoted as saying:

The perpetrator did not stop nagging him, so he became angry and pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground. When the perpetrator regained her balance, she took off one of her high-heeled shoes and used it to hit the victim’s head.

Only a couple of weeks ago, another ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street for hitting a Polish woman over her head with a high-heeled shoe. The victim had reportedly been arguing with the katoey after he/she approached her husband and offered him sexual services.

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