Iranian Couple on Motorcycle Seriously Injured in Mugging

Sukhumvit Road North Pattaya

In view of all these grab-and-snatch thefts recently reported around Pattaya we were actually surprised that none of the victims were actually injured. Now a married Iranian tourist couple, age unknown, who were riding a motorcycle on Sukhumvit Road at about 7 p.m. Wednesday evening were both seriously injured when their bike overturned during a drive-by mugging, presumably some kind of bag snatch attempt.
The tourists were quickly taken to the nearby Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where the husband was diagnosed with bleeding in his brain and ulcers, while his wife had suffered a broken leg, along with a number of other injuries and bruises to her body. Pattaya One have the full report, albeit not much more details either.

What is commendable in this most recent case though is the swift reaction of authorities which truly exceeds all expectations. Not only did local tourist police and representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports travel to meet the injured couple at hospital; the relatively newly founded Foundation for Tourists Assistance also donated 70,000 Baht to the victims. Tourism ministry officials further promised to help the Iranian couple facilitate a trip back to Iran and cover their medical expenses with 20,000 Baht.
Police also offered a reward of 50,000 Baht for information leading to the arrest of the culprit and – for a welcome change – this time won’t restrict their investigations to examining CCTV footage at the crime scene as usual but will also check on “known criminals in the area.” Pattaya One note in this context that local police “have records of about 161 people [apparently known repeat offenders who have previously been arrested for similar crimes], of which six have just been released on bail.”
Looks like the Boys in Brown ultimately mean business this time which, while being commendable and certainly long overdue, obviously begs the question why this doesn’t always seem to be the case?

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