Indian Tourist Assaulted by Doorman on Walking Street

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A 42-year-old Indian tourist was reportedly assaulted and robbed by a doorman on Walking Street late Tuesday night.
Mr. Singh had been waiting for some Indian friends outside the Rhino A-GoGo at the southern end of Walking Street and taken a seat on a motorcycle parked outside the venue when a doorman at the bar – who may or may not have been the owner of the motorbike – told him to “move away from the bike.”
Pattaya One reports:

The incident developed into a physical fight between the doorman and Mr. Singh who claimed that two other Thai men joined in the alleged assault. He also claimed that a gold necklace worth 75,000 Baht and his wallet which contained 3,000 Baht in cash went missing after the assault.

Police could reportedly later recover the wallet, however not the missing money.
Investigators will now check CCTV footage and interview the bar manager, which “may lead to further legal action” against the bar and the doorman.

UPDATEPattaya One now reports that police organized a meeting between all concerned parties and decided to refrain from taking legal action after both sides “shook hands and the case was declared closed”.
The two alleged assailants, aged 21 and 30, reportedly claimed

they worked as service staff inside the club. They were made aware of the Indian tourist who was sitting on one of their bikes, which was parked outside of the venue. Mr. Singh was told to move away and it appears that a verbal altercation … took place, which escalated into a physical confrontation.

Although the two bar workers confessed to hitting Mr. Singh, the Indian revealed that he may have inflamed the situation with some “colorful” language directed at the two Thai men.

What is perplexing in the whole story is that there’s no reference whatsoever anymore to the allegedly stolen gold necklace and money?

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  1. I have been visiting Pattaya since 1989, and have been approached aggressively on more then a few occasions. A lot of the confrontations happened right on walking street by the guys holding the plastic laminated cards which they wave right in you face sometimes making contact, anyone who has been in Pattaya regularly knows that if there is a confrontation between yourself and the locals, you will soon find more “coming out of the shadows” to join in and use the opportunity to remove your valuables always claiming they were defending themselves, in other words you can not win.

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