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Do you fancy the sight of half-naked sexy Thai girls show-dance right in front of your eyes? Then a visit to one of Pattaya’s (in)famous A-GoGo bars should definitely be on your to-do list in Pattaya, regardless of whether you’re a single male, a straying husband or an adventurous couple.
Never been to one before? Then you’ll hopefully get a few first impressions here of what’s awaiting you in a typical GoGo bar, including a couple of sexy clips taken in local chrome pole palaces and links to Pattaya’s hottest clubs.

Pattaya currently has more than 80 GoGo bars. While most are located in the Walking Street area in South Pattaya, an ever-increasing number of GoGo bars and coyote clubs can also be found on Soi LK Metro off Soi Buakhao.
GoGo bars are air-conditioned indoor bars with dancing stages in the centre and lots of attractive ladies with only little clothes or bikinis on who, in rotation, perform the erotic art of pole-dancing. Many bars also provide some kind of naughty show entertainment, often including profane objects like balloons, bananas, cigarettes (“pussy smoke cigarette”) or simply two affectionate girls involved (lesbian show).

Seating in A-GoGo bars is available either on bar stools along the dancing stage or on sofa-style chairs along the usually mirrored walls. While a seat right in front of the stage will certainly provide you with a more detailed view of the female physique, you can be sure to get a stiff neck as well.
Table-dancing on mirrored tables has also become quite popular in recent years. The sole reason for these mirrors is, of course, that the girls wear only very little clothes under their short skirts and assure that heavily intoxicated punters, who prefer to stare down at the table anyway, don’t miss any intimate physical details between the thighs of the sexy dancers. Yet other GoGo bars provide their show dancers even with jacuzzi tubs to guarantee that their most intimate parts meet international hygiene standards …
Unfortunately, the music played in most GoGo bars in Pattaya these days tends to be the average noisy Thai-style Techno music played at a little ear-friendly volume. Some bars, however, still employ DJs of a more advanced age group and play some good old Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes or a decent mix of music styles at a more moderate volume.

The first GoGo bar in Pattaya was the legendary Tahitian Queen A-GoGo that opened back in 1978 and is still successfully in business after nearly 40 years of Rock’n’Roll. Nowadays, Pattaya has more than 80 GoGo bars all over town, and the number of venues still keeps rising. While A-GoGo bars are concentrated most densely in the Walking Street and South Pattaya areas, lightly-dressed show girls, who shake their little booties on the dancing stage, are plying their trade all over Pattaya. An ever-increasing number of chrome-pole palaces can be found exceedingly on Soi LK Metro (off Soi Buakhao), but also on Pattaya Beach Road, Soi 6, 7 and 8, Soi Post Office, Soi Yamato, and even in Jomtien or Naklua. While some venues have been around for years or decades, the less successful places seem to change ownership, names and format every couple of months.

Despite frequent raids on venues providing “lewd” entertainment, “sexy” shows at designated hours (often featuring real “pussy artists”), “no knickers” and nude dancing are still common in most GoGo bars.
How come? Simple answer: In spite of Pattaya’s ambitious efforts to focus increasingly on family vacationers and the “quality” end of the tourism market, there’s obviously still a huge demand for forms of entertainment that don’t necessarily comply with the image of a “clean” (sex-free) Pattaya. And the bars, with a little help of corrupt police officials who are ready to bend the rules in exchange for a bit of tea money, are simply complying with this ongoing demand. Thanks Buddha, one may say.

Most Gogo bars have Happy hours in the early evening hours, with draft beer sold at as cheap as 50 or 60 Baht, which isn’t just good value for money but often cheaper than drinking in a beer bar. Most GoGo bars employ extra staff whose job it is to simply stand outside the premises, wave advertising signs promoting show times and “happy hours”, and invite passengers to come in and join the fun.
Regular drinking prices for bottled beer, spirits or “lady drinks,” however, are well above the average prices paid at conventional beer bars. For example, a bottled beer may easily set you back 120-180 Baht in most GoGo bars and especially lady drinks are usually well above 100 Baht. As a tourist, however, given the special sort of entertainment you’re getting, you should still find these prices reasonably cheap. (Just be aware of girls that ask you for a new lady drink every 15 minutes; you might end up with more lady drinks than beers on your tab.)
In general, there is no cover charge, i.e. no additional entry fee or extra charge for shows being performed on stage. The few places that do charge entry fees cater primarily to Asian customers; so simply avoid them. The notorious rip-offs frequently reported from GoGo bars in Bangkok’s Patpong area, are usually uncommon in Pattaya.

Same as beer bars, A-GoGo bars are hostess bars; this means that the dancers (not the service girls usually) are available for a session of erotic exercises in the privacy of your hotel room. As Gogo girls are usually more attractive, though, than their colleagues in customary beer bars (and their base wages much higher, too – which means higher running costs for bar owners), bar fines in A-GoGo bars tend to be at least double as high as in beer bars, roughly around 500-1,000 Baht or even more for “coyotes” and “show girls”. While 600 Baht seems to be the norm these days, the fee often also depends on the time when you want to “bar fine” a girl, i.e., the later the evening the cheaper her “bar fine”. Note that “long-time” (the lady of your choice staying with you overnight) is often also discouraged via extraordinarily high bar fines, and that “coyotes” may not always be “bar-finable”.

Accordingly, the “compensation fee” that GoGo girls charge for additional “naughty” services between the sheets also doubles or triples the amount that an average looking bar girl would ask for. Expect to spend a minimum of 2,000 Baht all-inclusive. Short-time rates (for an escapade of an hour or so) may start at around 1,000 Baht at the cheaper venues while long-time rates are roughly between 2,000 and 4,000 Baht (the sky is the limit). As in beer bars, prices are always negotiable; just don’t expect too much of a discount, especially during the “high season” months. With GoGo girls, please also bear in mind that you actually see what you get before you pay, i.e. a girl that looks sexy not only in her fancy bar dress but also when the clothes are off.

Having said that GoGo bars are primarily hostess bars that cater to single male tourists, they can certainly provide great fun for more adventurous couples, too. A-GoGo and coyote bars have become a substantial feature of Pattaya’s (in)famous nightlife and synonymous with Pattaya’s “sex industry”. A visit to a GoGo bar should therefore be on every visitor’s must-see-list in Pattaya, even if it’s just to get a first impression and you should leave it again on your own – or with your wife of 25 years.

Pattaya GoGo Bar Videos

If you prefer visual evidence: The video clips embedded in the slider below should give you a basic idea of the sexy action awaiting you in a GoGo bar in Pattaya. For more clips, please see our Pattaya Nightlife Videos pages.

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Links – Pattaya GoGo Bars

Pattaya currently has more than 80 GoGo bars, and the number of new venues seems to be continuously rising. Unfortunately, not all GoGo bars have their own website, though.
Listed below are only venues with websites, so if you fancy a preview of the sort of entertainment that’s awaiting you in a typical Pattaya A-GoGo, including sexy pics of Pattaya GoGo girls, feel free to browse their sites and have a virtual night out in Pattaya’s chrome pole palaces. To add your link or for link exchange, please contact us.

Pattaya GoGo Bars A-Z 
Alcatraz A-GoGoWalking Street (between Soi 14 and 15), South Pattaya
Baccara A-GoGoWalking Street (between Soi 15 and 16), South Pattaya
Babydolls A-GoGoSoi 15, Walking Street, South Pattaya
Beach Club A-GoGoSoi 15, just off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Champagne AGoGoSoi LK Metro, off Soi Diana, Central Pattaya
Classroom AGoGoPattayaland Soi 2, off Pattaya 2nd Road, South Pattaya
Club BoescheSoi 16, Covent Garden, Walking Street, South Pattaya
Club MistysSoi 15, Walking Street, South Pattaya
Far East RockSoi Post Office, off Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya
Gentlemen's ClubSoi Diamond, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Happy A-Go-GoSoi Happy, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Heaven Above A-GoGoSoi Diamond, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Kiss AGoGoSoi LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya
Kitten Club AGoGoPattayaland Soi 2 (between Pattaya Beach and 2nd Road), South Pattaya
Peppermint AGoGoWalking Street (under Marine discotheque), South Pattaya
Private Dancer A-Go-GoSoi 15, just off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Sapphire Club A-GoGoSoi 15, just off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Secrets NightclubSoi 4, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
ShowgirlsSoi LK Metro, off Soi Diana, Central Pattaya
Superbaby & Supergirl AGoGoSoi Diamond, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
Tahitian QueenPattaya Beach Road (between Soi 12 and 13), South Pattaya
Tim Bar Beer AGoGoPattaya 2nd Road, South Pattaya
Windmill A-GoGoSoi Diamond, off Walking Street, South Pattaya
X Zone Girls AGoGoCovent Garden, Soi 16, Walking Street, South Pattaya

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  1. Plz guide which place has most beautiful young girls
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    I don’t mind the high price

    • Sorry but I couldn’t recommend any particular place as I don’t know your taste in women and there are so many bars to choose from. Just check out the venues in the Walking Street area and Soi LK Metro and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. As for “most disease free” – I’m sorry again but there’s simply no guarantee. Use a condom; as uncomfortable as it may be STDs are widespread among bar girls, no matter what age, and a condom is simply the best protection. Day spa? I assume you mean body massage places? Check out the venues in the links section at the bottom of this page: Good luck!

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