German Kills Self with Gunshot to the Head

Funtown? Not always. Beyond the city’s hedonistic facade of 24/7 fun, bewitching beauties, beaches, booze and bars, there must be something more sinister, something inherently fatal about Pattaya that may help explain the startlingly high rate of suicides among the local male expat population.
Financial problems? Lover’s grief? It’s not as if in their home countries Farangs never faced economic hardship, phases of psychological distress, or get dumped by some whore of ex-girlfriend. But in England, Germany, the US, wherever, this doesn’t necessarily make them jump from high-rise condominium buildings, or simply not as often as it does in Pattaya.
Earlier this week only, a 49-year-old Irish expat reportedly decided to jump from the 36th-floor balcony of his North Pattaya condominium, allegedly over some “financial problems” and the compulsory “physical altercation” with his Thai girlfriend. Now a German expat, aged only 40, took another, equally spectacular approach at throwing his young life away. Following the usual argument with his Thai girlfriend (reportedly over some pictures of an ex-sweetheart or two that she had found on his phone and caused her to threaten to leave him) he disappeared in the bedroom of his “luxury home in East Pattaya”, grabbed his 38 caliber gun and shot himself in the head.
Pattaya One reports that Mr. Arthur Wilhelm Grudda, reportedly some kind of wine-importing businessman (albeit with a dodgy background it seems), was found was lying on his bed just before 5 a.m. Monday morning. “He was breathing heavily and was unconscious. Nearby on the floor was a 38 caliber handgun, which he is suspected of using to shoot himself in the side of his head.” He died on his way to the emergency room at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.
His 22-year-old girlfriend of two years told police that they had “earlier argued over photos of women on Mr. Grudda’s phone. Despite him claiming he had not been in contact with the women since he met [her], the argument intensified and culminated in the woman packing her bags and preparing to leave Mr. Grudda.”
PDN quotes the girlfriend as saying that she had found a photo of her boyfriend “with another woman but he claimed that he and her had broken up a long time ago. They then started arguing and he hit her before his friends intervened to stop him. As a result, she decided to leave him and she collected her belongings”, but for some reason, she “went to talk to him and they started arguing again and he shot himself in the head.”
Mr. Grudda, his girlfriend claimed, had allegedly threatened repeatedly in the past to commit suicide if she left him.
Just why? A seemingly successful businessman, 40 years old and with a “luxury home”, a young Thai girlfriend and obviously no shortage of alternatives … As most suicides, this one doesn’t make sense. Given that “his friends” were apparently also present at the house in the wee hours of the morning, yes, there may have been a party and Mr. Grudda not completely sober; but that’s obviously not a sufficient factor.

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