German Jumps to his Death at Suvarnabhumi Airport

german airport suicideA 45-year-old German tourist jumped to his death at Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon.
In CCTV footage posted on YouTube, the man is seen dragging his black suitcase to a spot on the fourth-floor walkway connecting the airport’s car park building and departure terminal before taking a running start and jumping headfirst over the railing. He suffered severe injuries to his head and neck and later died at hospital.
The German had reportedly entered Thailand on February 15 and was scheduled to leave on March 16. His “motive” for virtually diving into his death remains unknown.

Police said that since the airport opened in late 2006, more than a dozen foreign tourists have jumped from the connecting platform between the car par and the fourth floor of the outbound passenger terminal, reportedly at a “rate of three or four suicides each year”. Airport officials previously announced a plan to install high glass barriers at the terminal’s fourth level.

We’re not going to post the clip of the fatal leap but if you want to watch it – it’s here. The man was apparently intent on ending his life that way before returning to his home country. Whatever the “motive” may have been – R.I.P.

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