French, Korean Tourists Robbed by Ladyboys on Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach Road after darkA Frenchman and a Korean tourist, in two separate incidents just after midnight on Thursday morning, had cash and a gold necklace stolen by ladyboys loitering on Pattaya Beach Road.
Both tourists, the Bangkok Post reports, were chatted up by the ladyboys in front of the Royal Garden Plaza shopping mall and were robbed without noticing it when the katoeys briefly hugged them.
The 55-year-old Frenchman was the first victim and reported the theft of a gold necklace and amulet worth 25,000 Baht at Pattaya Police Station just after midnight. He claimed that two ladyboy hookers had

approached him while he was walking alone in the area. They had acted friendly and offered to have sex with him. They embraced him and a short time later walked away.

Only “about two minutes later,” the Frenchman noticed that a “gold necklace and amulet he had worn around his neck for more than 20 years” had gone missing.

Ironically, as the Frenchman was still filing his complaint, a 25-year-old Korean tourist “ran into the police station” and also claimed that some ladyboys had just “stolen cash from his trouser pocket”, presumably also as they hugged him, also in front of the same shopping mall, and also shortly after midnight. Pattaya One adds that they made off with 7,000 Baht and the description the victim gave police was “extremely similar” to the description of the culprits in the first case.
As usual, police promised to examine security camera footage in the area in an attempt to identify and arrest the culprits (which may or may not have been the same in both cases). In other words, the usual blah.

What can we say? Incidents like these probably happen every night somewhere along Pattaya Beach Road, and most victims might be simply too embarrassed to file a complaint at the police station. Many might not not even have a clue where the station is or be too drunk or lazy to make the journey. Yet others may file a complaint but can’t give any detailed description of the suspects. Or they won’t even recognize their faces when they’re shown the possibly hundreds of file photos police have of ladyboys and freelance hookers known to be loitering on Pattaya beach every night. So most cases, we guess, remain unreported also in the media and the culprits get away with it.

As long as police in Pattaya apparently lack the manpower and/or the will power to effectively crack down on these criminals, for example, by having more police foot patrols observe the area, there’s only the following advice we can give you:
Don’t carry more cash on you than you need by night. Don’t wear gold necklaces and other expensive jewelry. Stay clear of ladyboy freelance hookers and other dodgy creatures of the night when you’re strolling along Pattaya Beach Road after dark. Just walk away, don’t even say a word, and never let them come too close or even hug you.
That’s it. You should be fine.

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  1. It is definately time the authorities sorted these theiving ladyboys out once an for all, for sure there are many many more crimes of this nature going unreported every day.
    If and when the police occasionaly round them up they are fined 100THB and released to go straight back out there to theive a bit more. Beach road at night is an area that the Pattaya police should be thoroughly ashamed of.
    If a man want’s to go with a ladyboy and gets robbed well at least he had some choice in his own undoing but these creatures stealing from ordinary tourists walking by the beach are one of the many nails being driven into Pattaya’s coffin. Do you really think families want to come to a place that has these creatures prowling the streets.

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