French Overstayer Badly Injured in Pattaya Police Jail

Pattaya Police Station

Here’s a weird and suspicious story and we’re sure there is more to it than meets the eye. Anyway, this is what we know:
An unnamed 47-year-old Frenchman was arrested in Jomtien Thursday morning, reportedly just because he had an expired visa in his passport and had ended up on an overstay. As is the standard procedure in cases where an overstayer gets arrested while staying inside the country (there are no problems yet if you make it to the airport and just pay the fine) he was incarcerated in the detention cells at Pattaya Police Station, apparently awaiting his deportation back to France.
Note: Under the motto “good guys in, bad boys out” and in the face of stricter overstay rules taking effect in just over two weeks, there’s an outright immigration crackdown on visa overstayers underway at the moment, and if you haven’t got the cash to pay the regular fine and swiftly get yourself a ticket, but must wait for a friend to help you and perhaps send you some money, the detention period can last quite a while.
Anyway, while in custody at the police station, the Frenchman was apparently so “badly injured” and suffered “physical trauma across his entire body” that he had to be sent to Banglamung Hospital just a day after he was detained. What had happened? Did he get beaten up by some cellmates or by – who??

Here’s the punchline:
Although Pattaya One note that it “appeared he had been assaulted” in jail, police claim that no other party than the victim himself had been involved in the incident. The Frenchman, they explained, for reasons unknown, had suddenly started “convulsing”, eventually collapsing on the ground and so-to-say injuring himself in the fall.
Pattaya Daily News add that the Frenchman had “coughed up blood” and had “bruises on his face and scratches on his body” when officers found him in his cell. Police however insisted that the man “hadn’t been harmed in the jail” but had simply suffered a “severe seizure”, the cause of which is still unknown.
Is this a credible explanation? How badly can an epileptic (let’s presume the Frenchman was one) injure himself when he suffers a seizure? Can it make you “cough up blood”?
While we think there’s more to this story than meets the eye, say, the Frenchman (was he really arrested just for overstaying his visa?) may have “misbehaved” in jail and somehow “provoked” an assault, the official version as reported by the police obviously smells as fishy as nam pla.

By the way, PDN identify the victim as Mr. Anu Danni, but we guess that’s a slightly misspelled and/or reverse version of his name at best.

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