Foreigner Assaulted, Abducted by “Foreigners” in Pattaya

Wayne Schneider in a police photo from 2006

An unidentified foreign man of yet unknown nationality was reportedly attacked and abducted by a gang of five other foreigners from his rented luxury home at the Jomtien Park Villas housing estate on Thepprasit Road Soi 17 in Jomtien early Monday morning.
The kidnapping was witnessed by two security guards stationed at the gate to the residential village at around 5 a.m. According to a report in the Bangkok Post, the two Thai men told investigators

they heard a man cry for help and went to investigate. They saw five men, all wearing black masks, assaulting a foreign man. The five assailants also appeared to be foreigners.

The victim had been beaten unconscious and the five men carried him into a black Toyota Vigo pickup truck.  One of the gang threatened them with a pistol, indicating they were not to follow them, the two guards said.

The assailants then fled with the victim in the pickup (…)

The identity and nationality of the victim have not been verified yet and the motive for the abduction remains unclear. Police will now examine CCTV footage at the village and search for fingerprints and other clues.

UPDATEPattaya One identifies the victim as Mr. Wayne Schneider, a 38-year-old Australian national living at a “luxury villa” at the housing estate.
A possible suspect has been named as Antonio Bagnato, a 26-year-old of yet unconfirmed nationality; however, no possible motive for the abduction has been offered so far and the whereabouts of the Australian victim and his attackers remains unknown.

UPDATE II – A report by Khaosod English has a few more interesting details on the case. Most significantly, the victim, Mr. Wayne Rodney Schneider, is allegedly a former Hells Angels member and was “arrested six years ago for drug trafficking, obstruction of justice, and involvement in the theft of five million baht from a Melbourne casino.”
Moreover, friends of the victim told police Mr. Schneider had a “long and turbulent history in his home country where he faced numerous charges as recently as 2012;” however, “It is unknown how, or if, those legal cases were concluded or whether Mr Schneider was living in Thailand as a wanted fugitive.”
Crystal methamphetamine paraphernalia were reportedly also found in Schneider’s rented house.
The report also identifies the prime suspect in the abduction case, Antonio Bagnato, as an “Australian national”, and adds that the two security guard witnesses identified him as “one of the five abductors.”
Mr. Schneider and Bagnato, reportedly partners in a fitness club business in Australia, had been out drinking together the night before the abduction.

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