Foreign Tourists May Soon Need Travel Insurance to Enter Thailand

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Foreign tourists wishing to visit Thailand may soon be required to purchase compulsory travel insurance prior to their arrival in the kingdom.
Under a proposal put forward by the Tourism and Sports Ministry, even automatic insurance vending machines may be installed at international airports and border checkpoints throughout Thailand so that tourists who travel without insurance can purchase one straight after landing on Thai soil.

Citing an unnamed but “informed source”, the Bangkok Post reports on Monday that the plan has been proposed by a committee of the tourism ministry and will soon be forwarded for consideration to the national tourism policy commission.
According to the source, the requirement should not be seen as a “hurdle” to visitors to Thailand but help reduce the burden on Thai hospitals that are being forced to treat increasing numbers of uninsured foreign visitors.

As usual with news like these, they’re to be taken with a pinch of salt and it remains unknown when or if ever the plan will be put into action. In any case, we would not hold our breath.

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