Foreign Songkran Revelers Caught Dancing Naked in Pattaya – Video

11065670_847966288571864_1022081847_oSongkran has always been kind of a natural “MIss Wet T-shirt” contest right on the streets of Pattaya, and sexy Thai girls in revealing outfits (and the odd topless ladyboy) table-dancing in front of their bars, especially in the water-splashing hotspots of Soi 6 and Soi 7, have always been part and parcel of the typical Songkran experience awaiting revelers in Pattaya.
As every year, authorities have warned people against “dressing inappropriately” and explicitly banned public exposure. Even a “national order” to promote a “more traditional” Songkran was issued by the ruling junta this year.
The Phuket Gazette recently quoted a police source as saying that:

People should dress appropriately, ideally in traditional Thai costumes, and avoid any impolite or unsuitable dancing or performances.

The same rules obviously apply to Songkran celebrations in Pattaya.

But now a blurry clip has emerged on social media showing a scantily dressed foreign woman dancing topless and exposing her breasts to a crowd of amused onlookers on Pattaya’s Soi 6.

Pattaya One reports:

The incident, which was captured on video shows a woman, thought to be European, wearing lingerie. She is seen dancing provocatively and at times exposes her breast in public.
Although this type of behavior would not make headlines in many Western nations, here in Thailand it is currently a hot topic as the woman’s actions breaks rules laid down by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), who have tried to bring some order to this year’s Songkran festivities.

Here’s a censored version of the clip:

But the unidentified foreign lady caught dancing topless on Soi 6 was apparently not the only Farang breaking the rules in Pattaya this year. A similar clip has now emerged showing a young foreign man dancing naked, as it seems, on Walking Street.

Here’s a Thai news report showing clips of both foreign “rule breakers”:

Neither the man nor the woman in the clips have been identified and it’s unlikely that authorities will take any further action against them.

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  1. Thailand’s Government has forgotten that topless was the rule until the 1940’s under the Japanese occupation.

    The Japanese were affronted by the Thai custom of topless women and the law was changed.

    However, even today there are occasional older women who, on hot days, sit topless on their front porch.

    Earlier this year, my neighbor, obviously in a hurry, ran topless across her yard to bring in her dry clothes.

    A few years back, constructions workers at a nearby project bather nude around the water barrel.

    No one ever complains about such things – T.I.T. – Mai Son Jai

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