Fire Destroys Max Muay Thai Boxing Stadium in Pattaya

Max Muay Thai Stadium destroyed by fire

A fire completely destroyed the new Max Muay Thai boxing stadium on Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya late Thursday afternoon. Four people, including the stadium’s manager, suffered minor burn injuries.
It took firefighters of 10 fire trucks more than an hour to extinguish the blaze, which caused an estimated 200 million Baht in damages. According to television reports, the stadium had no fire insurance.
Preliminary investigations revealed that that the stadium’s air conditioning system had been serviced earlier on Thursday. Pattaya One News report that there had been an explosion in one of the compressor units at the rear of the building, “soon after the servicing had been completed.” A fire soon spread throughout the venue which was fortunately closed at the time.
The one-story stadium opened only in late 2014 and has become well-known in the Muay Thai boxing scene as the arena for Channel 8’s popular “Max Muay Thai” program every Sunday. The stadium owner told local media that the televised events would for now continue as scheduled at a temporary venue.

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