Drunk Aussies Beaten Up by GoGo Bar Bouncers

Three Farang tourists of unidentified nationalities were reportedly assaulted by security guards at the Showgirls A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro off Soi Buakhao just after 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The incident happened “after a fight broke out inside the club” at a time when the bar was supposed to be closed.
Khaosod English reports that the three Farangs “got in a heated argument with other customers in the nightclub, and then resisted when security staff tried to escort them off the premises. Ronald James Kingsnorth, the 71-year-old manager of the nightclub, approached the group and tried to calm the situation, but one of the tourists punched him in the face, police say. The guards then reportedly mobbed and beat the three tourists, causing other customers inside the club to flee”.
The Australian bar manager, who was also slightly injured, and the bouncers were detained and held at the police station. As investigations are continuing, Pattaya One adds that the three foreigners, reportedly all “members of a motorbike club” who “refused to give police their names or nationalities”, sustained minor facial injuries and were also arrested.
It remains unclear whether charges will be pressed against either the guards or the three “quality tourists” (sic) and a temporary closure order will be imposed on the A-GoGo bar or not.
While the incident occurred at a time when the club was supposed to be closed anyway, a police officer specifically “scolded the club for selling alcohol on March 4, a Buddhist holiday during which alcohol sales are banned,” and although night spots in the area had been instructed to “close at midnight” on that occasion.

UPDATE – The Pattaya Mail identifies the three foreigners as Australian nationals, all in their mid-20s and “heavily tattooed”, who “got drunk and argued with guests at the next table”. The subsequent brawl “set off chaos at the bar”, with “broken glass and beer bottles scattered across the area.”
Surely doesn’t sound like your average quality tourist …

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