Farang Woman Caught Shoplifting in Pattaya Shopping Mall

Farang woman caught shoplifting in Pattaya

An unidentified foreign woman of unknown nationality was reportedly caught red-handed at a shopping mall in Pattaya Monday night after she allegedly stole a gold bracelet from a shop.
The middle-aged woman (who could be a Russian, but that’s merely speculation) was detained by shop owners and security guards but apparently would not surrender and refused to be searched for the missing item.
While the mainstream media have so far not reported about the alleged theft, smartphone footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook later on Monday. The short clip shows the distressed blonde woman stripped down to her bra as she is arguing with appears to be the female shop owner. When the female Caucasian “quality tourist” (sic) tries to flee the crime scene she is caught again by security guards who (or so we assume) eventually handed her over to the police.

The clip embedded below was uploaded to YouTube by Stickboy Bangkok who first covered this bizarre story.

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