Farang Thrown off Balcony by Pattaya Ladyboys?

farang-thrown-off-balcony-by-ladyboysLate Tuesday night, a Facebook friend of ours posted a status update saying he had “just watched a ladyboy throw a farang off a balcony” at the Dolphin House apartment building on Soi Lengkee in Central Pattaya.
He later conceded he had not actually witnessed the fatal fall from the 4th-floor room but just “heard a scream and a loud bang,” adding he thought the man was “f**ked but alive.”
Unfortunately, our Facebook contact was wrong. Although the victim, a 28-year-old British passport holder from Leeds identified as Mr. Naami Keyghobadi, survived the initial fall it seems he was pronounced dead at hospital shortly after. What had happened?

All we know for sure is that his body was found in a side-alley at the base of the guesthouse/apartment complex after he fell or jumped or was thrown/pushed out of a window in a room occupied by two ladyboys.
Otherwise the events leading up to the fatal fall remain unclear, with each of the four ladyboy suspects, who are thought to have been “somehow involved” in the case, giving different accounts of the tragedy. They all just agree in their dodgy claim they had tried, but ultimately failed, to stop the man from “jumping” to his death.
One of the two ladyboys occupying the 4th-floor room told police that sometime around 7 p.m. he heard a heated argument coming from a room on the third floor.
When he opened his door to investigate what was happening he claims he saw the shirtless British man run up the stairs to the fourth floor. He was reportedly being chased by two other, younger ladyboys who were arguing with the victim over money he owed them for some kind of “services” rendered in the 3rd-floor room.
The 33-year-old ladyboy “witness” claims that the Farang suddenly ran into his room and began to climb out of the window “as if he was preparing the jump.” According to Pattaya One,

All the ladyboys claim they tried to pull him back but they were unable to prevent him falling to his death.

Police found the 3rd-floor room to be occupied by three ladyboys, one of whom did a runner but was quickly apprehended. They also discovered drug taking paraphernalia and a small quantity of Crystal Meth in the room, leading investigators to believe that the group had engaged in some kind of sex/drug orgy with Mr. Naami.
An autopsy to be performed on the victim will include a toxicology report to determine whether or not the man had taken any drugs prior to his death.
Although none of the four ladyboy suspects have been charged with any offence so far, they were all initially detained pending the usual “further investigations.”
Anyway, don’t hold your breath. We guess it doesn’t need a Nostradamus to predict that the bunch of ladyboys will all get away scot-free and that the hard-working Boys in Brown, because it’s so much more convenient, will ultimately decide on “suicide” or just another fatal “accident”.

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  1. Sorry for the guy not knowing enough to steer well clear of Ladyboys in the first place especially drugged up ones. If I was a betting man my money would be on
    1 He was pushed by one or more of the ladyboys probably because of some real or imagined slight.
    2 The police investigation will decide on suicide so they don’t have to do anything more and might even make a bit of tea money.
    3 These Ladyboys will probably end up killing at least 1 more person during their lifetimes.
    Any takers?

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