Dutch Expat Killed in Pattaya Beach Road Motorbike Crash

hardrock-hotel-pattayaA 51-year-old Dutch expat, named as Mark Henkel, was killed in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident in front of the Hard Rock Hotel on Pattaya Beach Road Saturday morning.
According to eyewitnesses of the daytime crash, the Dutchman was driving his Yamaha Nouvo scooter at a “high rate of speed” when he suddenly “lost control” of the bike at around 11 a.m.
Pattaya One reports that Mr. Henkel

appeared to lose control of his vehicle and subsequently fell onto the road head-first. He, along with his bike, came to rest 20 meters from where he initially fell.

The passionate amateur golfer and popular member of the Pattaya Sports Club sustained head injuries and numerous bruises to his body and was pronounced dead at the scene by rescue workers.
One question remains: Why did the Dutchman “lose control” of his bike in the first place? Was it just that he was “speeding”? Given that the accident occurred in broad daylight it’s unlikely that drunk driving was the cause. Or did someone throw water at the speeding biker?

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