Drunk Russian Kills Mother, Baby in Pattaya Hit-and-Run Accident


A drunk Russian tourist crashed his rented Honda Civic vehicle into two motorcycles stopped at a red light in South Pattaya early Saturday, killing a 33-year Thai woman and her five-month-old daughter and seriously injuring three others, including the woman’s husband and another two-year-old daughter.

28-year-old Konstantin Volk was reportedly heavily intoxicated and speeding at the time of the impact, obviously failing to see the red light and stop his car in time. He initially fled the scene of the crash but was apprehended by police a few kilometres away, along with another passenger in the rented car, also a Russian national.
Mr Volk has been charged with reckless driving causing the death of others and is awaiting legal proceedings.

The family of four had been riding a motorcycle with a sidecar and were on their way home after selling flowers to tourists in Pattaya when they stopped at the red light. While the mother was pronounced dead at the scene the couple’s youngest daughter died shortly after in hospital.
The woman’s husband and their elder daughter were both seriously injured. A motorcycle taxi driver who had also stopped at the traffic light was also injured in the hit-and-run accident.

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