Drugged & Robbed Italian Man Now Deported for Visa Overstay

Drugged & robbed Italian man now deported for visa overstay

A couple of days ago only, we reported about a British tourist who had reportedly behaved somewhat “oddly” on Walking Street and had his passport checked by immigration officers. They found out that he had overstayed his visa for a bit over three months and he will now be deported and blacklisted from visiting Thailand for five long years.
Then you may remember the weird story of Italian Luca Viggiani (or whatever his name is) who had allegedly been conned out of two million Baht in a dodgy investment in an unnamed entertainment business and filed a complaint at the Pattaya Police Station last week, claiming he had been drugged and robbed of another 600,000 Baht by a (British?) foreigner who had promised to help him recover his lost investment.
Well, as it turns out, police quickly noticed that Mr Luca Viggiani wasn’t just a victim but had also overstayed his visa for 34 days (that’s obviously just a bit over a month), and immediately handed the hapless man over to immigration police.
Same as the young Briton, Pattaya One reports, he will now be deported and barred from re-entering Thailand for a total of five years. That’s extremely tough luck but in line with the new overstay rules that went into effect some three months ago and allow for blacklisting visa overstayers.

So to sum up the Italian man’s unfortunate story: He moved to Pattaya apparently intending to stay here for a while and invested two million Baht (or so he says) into an unnamed “entertainment business.”
For some reason, he was cheated out of his investment and ran into another foreigner who claimed he could help him recover his lost money. The only problem there was: Another 600,000 Baht in alleged “police fees” were required to secure the Boys in Brown’s assistance in bringing the alleged investment scammers to justice.
Well, Mr Luca apparently thought that’s still better than losing his two million, so he agreed to have the other foreigner give him a lift to the “police station,” only to get drugged and robbed of the other 600,000 Baht, too, and get dumped (or so he claims) on Pattaya beach.
So that’s 2.6 million Baht gone for nothing. But as if getting conned, drugged and robbed wasn’t bad enough, Mr Luca had apparently also overstayed his visa (in which situation it certainly isn’t very smart to walk into a police station) and will now be deported and blacklisted. It’s probably fair to say that the Italian wasn’t just extremely unlucky but isn’t exactly the brightest spark either.

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