Disabled Elderly Brit Jumps to His Death From Sattahip Condo

Disabled Elderly Brit Jumps to His Death From Sattahip Condo

Pattaya is sometimes called the suicide capital of Thailand. For a reason. While according to some estimates, 15% of all Farang deaths in Thailand are suicides (most are obviously from road accidents), we’d assume that the share of foreign jumpers and like-minded folks who have lost their courage to face life is even a bit higher in Pattaya.
Some guys have been dumped by their Thai GFs or wives, others run out of money and can’t afford a flight back home; yet others are battling medical conditions and rather take their own life than die a painful death. The latter motive particularly applies to elderly expats in Thailand, many of whom retire here (knowingly) not in the best health and simply wish to enjoy the their lives, or what remains of their lives, as long as they can.
Only a couple of days ago, an elderly Finnish expat who had been suffering from poor health and would often talk about suicide with friends fell to his death from a 10th-floor balcony in Jomtien. Now a wheelchair-bound retired British businessman who had reportedly suffered from skin cancer for some time jumped to his death from a top-floor balcony at the Somphong Condotel in Sattahip, just a few kilometres south of Pattaya.

The body of John Anthony Angus, 79, was found in the car park of the condominium complex just after 9 p.m. on Saturday. Police found the foreigner’s wheelchair and walking stick close to the balcony rail of his 10th-floor room that he had apparently thrown himself over. There were no signs of foul play and police concluded that the elderly man’s death was a suicide.
A female neighbour and friend of the elderly expat, named as Elizabeth Louise, told police that Mr. Angus had been living alone in the room and had been suffering from skin cancer for some time. His condition had recently deteriorated and he had told her of his plan to take his life by jumping from his condo’s balcony just a few hours earlier on Saturday.
She dismissed his talk as she believed he could not get out of his wheelchair and throw himself over the balcony without assistance. However, his will to die an instant death by choice was obviously stronger than his physical weakness and his will to undergo medical treatment and suffer only more.

Source/photo credit: khaosod.co.th

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