New Foreigner “Information Form” Arrives at Pattaya Immigration

Pattaya immigration office on Jomtien Soi 5

Two months ago we reported about a controversial new immigration form that foreigners seeking to extend their visa, do a 90-day report, apply for a re-entry permit etc. had to fill at the immigration bureau in Bangkok.
The detailed information required by Thai immigration – all in the name of “national security” – included their bank account details, social media accounts, places they frequently visit and more.
As it seems, the new so-called “Foreign National Information Form” is now being rolled out nationwide and has also arrived at the Chonburi immigration office on Soi 5 in Jomtien which is responsible for tourists and expats in the Pattaya area.

According to a report by, foreigners will be required to disclose the following personal information to “big brother” in the form:

– full name, date of birth, passport number, names of father and mother
– full address and phone numbers in your home country
– full address and phone numbers in Thailand

That’s obviously the usual stuff they simply need to know. What is new is the following:

– social media and email accounts (optional as it seems)
– car/motorcycle brand, model, colour, license plate number
– frequently visited places such as bars, restaurants, shops, hospital
– emergency contact details for a Thai and a foreign person
– bank account details including bank, branch, account name and number (only required for certain visas)

It remains unclear whether it will be “mandatory” to fully complete the snoopy new form and whether disclosing your personal Facebook account details, Thai bank account number etc. is ultimately “necessary.” As it appears, disclosing your bank information, social media and email accounts will be only “optional” or depend on the type of visa you’re holding.
We would however expect that foreigners who refuse to completely fill the new form will face further questioning by immigration officers or risk making themselves look “suspicious.”

For further details and a lengthy discussion of the controversial new form please also see our earlier post:
Now Thai Immigration Want to Know (Almost) Everything About You

Here’s what the new information form looks like (h/t

3 Responses to New Foreigner “Information Form” Arrives at Pattaya Immigration

  1. most elderly men in Thailand that i know that have long overstays have told me where they live way-out in the middle of the elderly man it took him over 20 hours round trip to the border most normal people just wont a happy life without looking forward to the dreaded visa run
    i don’t understand why we have got to cross the border every three months why cant they make it possible to renew there visa at there nearest immigration office.most retired men that i have talked with have not got 800.1000 baht to keep in there bank account.most only get a pension of 50.1000 baht a month.most people that are on long overstays are not gangsters and most are living in remote parts of Thailand have know access to internet and if they did have a computer most elderly don’t know how to use one.and the visa rules are far to complicated for most elderly men

  2. the westerners that i have talked with are thinking of leaving Thailand and living in Cambodia or Vietnam or the Philippians where the visa rules are more relaxt most people don’t wont to overstay and most are not criminals i just hope one day they will make it easy most are not worried about the cost of a visa its the dreaded visa run and it is to much for an elderly man to do

  3. it would be nice if you could go to a local police station show your passport and give your name and address and phone number to check that you have not broken any laws and get a form with a stamp.and be able to go to your nearest immigration office and the money for your visa

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