Cigarette & Liquor Prices Go Up

894089_506968386004991_1006871015_oHere’s just what we needed, eh? As had been widely anticipated, Thai PBS confirmed today that prices for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages would increase “now” after the new so-called “Sports Act” has been enacted.
The Sports Act requires producers and distributors of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to contribute to the newly-established “national sports development” fund an amount equivalent to 2% of excise tax they pay.
Initially, the price for all locally-produced and imported cigarettes will increase by 1-2 Baht per pack.
But wait, that’s not all.
The government is reportedly also “eyeing to increase excise tax on tobaccos and alcoholic beverages by 2%”, which would push up the price for a pack of cigarettes by a further 1-3 Baht.
As for liquor prices, the situation doesn’t look any better. To quote directly from Thai PBS:

Price of Thai beers is also expected to increase by 47 satang (100 satang = 1 baht) and those of imported beers should rise by 60 satang a can.
Price of locally-made spirits will rise by 79 satang per bottle while locally-made coloured brandy will see a 2.2 baht increase in price per bottle.
Price of foreign coloured brandy will rise by between 5.23 and 8.49 baht per bottle.

While that’s certainly not a lot, retail prices may be expected to see a considerably sharper rise in the next weeks.

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