Cigarette & Liquor Prices Go Up

Here’s just what we needed, eh? As had been widely anticipated, Thai PBS confirmed today that prices for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages would increase “now” after the new so-called “Sports Act” has been enacted.
The Sports Act requires producers and distributors of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to contribute to the newly-established “national sports development” fund an amount equivalent to 2% of excise tax they pay.
Initially, the price for all locally-produced and imported cigarettes will increase by 1-2 Baht per pack.
But wait, that’s not all.
The government is reportedly also “eyeing to increase excise tax on tobaccos and alcoholic beverages by 2%”, which would push up the price for a pack of cigarettes by a further 1-3 Baht.
As for liquor prices, the situation doesn’t look any better. To quote directly from Thai PBS:

Price of Thai beers is also expected to increase by 47 satang (100 satang = 1 baht) and those of imported beers should rise by 60 satang a can.
Price of locally-made spirits will rise by 79 satang per bottle while locally-made coloured brandy will see a 2.2 baht increase in price per bottle.
Price of foreign coloured brandy will rise by between 5.23 and 8.49 baht per bottle.

While that’s certainly not a lot, retail prices may be expected to see a considerably sharper rise in the next weeks.

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